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I have recently built a portable game system that lets you play 12* TOTALLY RADICAL Namco games such as Pac Man, Dig Dug, and all that good stuff.

Now, I want to make five things perfectly clear before we begin...
1) This is my first instructable. :3
2) No matter how much you hate this, please refrain from being negative.
3) I'm not responsible for any mishaps that may happen whether its a burn or an explosion.
4) I'm so very sorry...I didn't exactly take pictures as often as I should have, so I'm going to have to assume you can find screws and such ;)
5) Enjoy It! Now onto the instructable! PULL THE STRING!!!

*11 are compatible

Step 1: General Idea

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There are five main components to a portable system.

1) The Screen
2) The Game
3) The Controls
4) The Battery
5) The Enclosure

I used this as my LCD screen because it was cheap, small, and accepts the right input.

I found this thing at Goodwill for 2 bucks. Score!! :)

The A, B, and Pause buttons came from an NES controller. The Directional Buttons are these cute things.

The screen takes 12V, and the game takes 6V. Very different voltages (we will fix this later) and obviously you don't want 8 AA batteries weighing your handheld down! So I got a 12V rechargeable Li-ion battery from eBay.

I chose a RadioShack 6x3x2" plastic project box because it is durable and easy to cut.

You also need a soldering iron, a hot glue gun, a dremel, and a drill.

Ready to begin? Let's roll.
cheezyguy51 month ago

What happened to your 'old portable NES'?

HeDoesNotBehave (author)  cheezyguy51 month ago
Thank you for your question, cheezyguy5.

My 'old portable NES' was my first ever portable game system, made about 6 months before this one.

I used pretty shoddy materials (a $20 NES reproduction console for instance) and I didn't know how to build it very well (once again, it was my first one) so it broke down after a couple of months of usage. I salvaged materials like the LCD screen into this system.

Ahh, well I'm about to do something very similar to that, and to the one outlined in this instructable, using some 'power player' thing I got for $10 and broke.

I'll pretty much be following this instructable, except I'll use a D-Pad from the broken power player thing case, and a gutted 1800mah li-po battery bank for power.

HeDoesNotBehave (author)  cheezyguy529 days ago
Awesome! I'd love to see what you've come up with once you are finished.
agetu1 year ago
where did you get the main game board?
cglaw20131 year ago
HeDoesNotBehave (author) 2 years ago
18,000 views?? Time for me to make another instructable.....
Orkekum2 years ago
question is not Why, it's Why not!. Awesome
Qual19862 years ago
Amazing first instructable, congratulations :)

I'm not very good with wires and that stuff but I love videogames. I still don't decide whether to try this or not but it looks kinda cool definitely hehe
Fend19522 years ago
Seems easy to build, excellent instructable, by the way, are you playing Castlevania?? gotta love that c:
I take it for your portable NES you used one of the clones?
HeDoesNotBehave (author)  willrandship3 years ago
I did. Unfortunatley the clones don't last too long outside of the original case.
Another favorite term is letting the "magic computer gas" escape. :P
stumitch3 years ago
i like your writing style... informal and amusing! thanks for a nice 'ible!
Yes, yes, and more yes! I love this thing, and I may even try to make my own if I get the bits. Good job for your first 'ible, keep going.

Pull the Strings!

HeDoesNotBehave (author)  omalachowski3 years ago
You made my day :)

Glad you like it!
MikrySoft3 years ago
Wow. "Ground is represented as VCC"... One of the biggest fails in this quite nice instrucable. Ground is GND and VCC is positive side of power supply. The fact that you connect your buttons to VCC doesn't mean that VCC is ground - it only means that buttons are pulling their respective lines up instead of down.
HeDoesNotBehave (author)  MikrySoft3 years ago
Yeah....I don't know names or definitions, I just solder it and hope it works :|

Thanks for the comment, I have corrected myself in the instructable.
This is so cool! Would it be possible to add a back-light or is the LCD screen bright enough?
HeDoesNotBehave (author)  supertoria123 years ago
The screen is very bright! Good for playing at midnight! :)
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Nice build (I also have a soft spot for DigDug)