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Introduction: Portable Guitar Amplifier - DIY

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Hi Guys..!!
This is a portable guitar amplifier with some exclusive function. It gives you clean sound, bright & loud sound and distortion guitar sound. Even if you connect a semi acoustic guitar it will work as it do. It is good for high impedance pickups and microphones as well.

Details :

It is based on two IC "LM386" and some capacitors and resistors. It works fine. Its is easy to build and you can do it easily within 30mins.
Components Required:
1 - Resistor 10 Ohm
2 - Capacitor    0.047uf  [Code = 473J or 473k]
1 - Capacitor    100uf     [ Voltage = 25v or 50v] 
2 - Capacitor    10uf
1 - Capacitor    220uf     [Voltage = 16v or 25v]
2 - IC LM386                   [Its a Low Voltage OP Amp]
1 - Small Speaker
1 - Potentiometer 10K Ohm   [Linear or Audio But i will prefer audio first]
1 - LED (use it in series with a 100 Ohm resistor)
1 - DC Power Jack [Or you can use a 9v battery clip if you want to fit the battery in it.]

Beside these components a piece of pref-board and box to fit the circuit in are also required.lol

If you have any question then ask me in comments. I promise to reply your every comment.
Build it now..!! Have a wonderful Day..!!



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    I've made the circuit but there a distortion in the speakers, I can't seem to get rid of. How do I correct it. I'm using a 2.5W, 8Ohms speaker

    distorted sound sometimes comes because of the gain cap that is 10uf between pin1 and 8 of ic386. try adding a 10k resistance in series with 10u caps for both ic. this will reduce the boosted gain. now replace the cap which is between positive rail and gnd with 330 or 470uf caps at 16v. you'll observe the noise is gone. A perfect IC original comes from Japan that doesn't have these issues. but at least you almost fixed the ordinary ic;)

    I'm interested in building this but I'm curious how to get the most distortion out of the circuit ? I built some night fire mini amps before and they don't have enough gain that I'm trying to achieve. Can you help me figure this out ? Also to get the volts up to 12 without a power supply can I simply wire a 9volt into two AA batteries in series ?

    I have a better idea to have more ouput power so we can drive larger speaker of about 2.5inches also the schematic is so simple that any one would feel relaxed to build that. I'll share it within two days on my instructables.

    And no you should not use AA batteries with 9v supply in order to have 12v. The above circuit and most of the op-amps circuit starts working on 5v. So i think 9v is ok for that you don't need to have 12v special supply. But i would suggest you to keep every suppy because you're gonna need them to test your equipments or you can build your own variable power supply. Have a good day (Y)

    A drawing mistake ha s been corrected. You can now build it.

    hi how about if i put it in outlet,220volt? what should i do?

    you need to use a 220v to 9v powersupply or dc adapter

    is there any way or idea,without using adapter.,.

    another method to power it is to use a battery of 9v that is cheap and of low noise


    Why did you connect the output terminal of the left op-amp to the ground?