Portable Hammer





Introduction: Portable Hammer

Portable hammer for light nailing when you need to nail out in the field but don't want to bring a regular hammer for weight reasons.
1. Piece of 1x2 Pine
2. 2 screws, 1.25 inches (I used Spax #1 Square)
3. Metal mending plate.
4. Screwdriver (in my case #1 Square)

Step 1: Secure Metal Plate

1. Align the plate to the narrow side of the 1x2.
2. Begin driving in the 2 screws, making sure that they go in straight.
3. Once you are sure they are driving straight, screw them all the way down to the surface of the metal plate.
4. To use, hit the head of the nails with the metal plate.
5. Please note that this is for portable, light duty use only.



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    About 20 years ago, an old carpenter taught me if you want a really useful light duty hammer that also can function as a pry bar, a scratch awl, or a screwdriver, all you need is....a screwdriver.

    Just hold the screwdriver backwards and use the handle as the head of the hammer. Flick your wrist to swing it. It works pretty good as long and you aren't trying to pound nails into really dense material (oak would be a challenge). Obviously a hammer is best, but when you find yourself up a ladder or on a roof needing to pound in one or two nails and your hammer is nowhere to be found, this comes in really handy.

    A couple tips:

    Screwdrivers without the rubber coating on the handle work best as they will transfer the energy to the nail better.

    The longer and heavier the screwdriver, the easier it will be to pound nails.

    The closer to the point you hold it, the harder it will hit. I usually only hold it with my thumb and index finger so I maximize the arc of the swing.

    If you don't like my Instructable, don't look it.

    Put the metal half an inch off the block and its a portable scraper

    Curious...but would it work well as a hammer?

    You never know though this could be the start of something bigger so full steam ahead

    But this is supposed to be a portable hammer now I have to carry around a collection to meet various needs. I might as well carry a hammer and adjust my swing. A for effort nice Instructables organization and pics.

    What would be a realistic reason to need this and not a small hammer?

    It is much lighter, particularly when going out into the field.

    Pretty clever Citizen

    Thank you! Much appreciated.