Introduction: Portable Infinite Mirror

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This tutorial will show you how to make an infinite mirror that you can take wherever you want !

Step 1: Materials :

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You are going to need :
- a mirror
- 9v battery
- mobile screen protective foil
- strip of LEDs ( or LEDs )
- switch
- battery holder clip

Step 2: Step : 1 : Assembly

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Solder a wire to the battery holder clip ( the bigger one ). Then solder another wire to the middle pin of the switch. Now solder one of the remaining pins to another battery holder clip pin. Now solder wires to the strip of LEDs ( or you can use LEDs connected in paralel powered with 3v battery ) and make a ring. Now put mirror between battery and the ring of LEDs and on the top of it put the protective foil for mobile phones. And you have it !!! Enjoy !

Step 3: Some Photos :

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Personally, I think it looks very cool and more than that : you can take it wherever you want !


bobes360 (author)2014-01-06

thanks :)

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