Introduction: Portable Iron Grill

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It's as easy as it sounds. Your own portable iron that can make you grilled cheese and lots of hot food in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Get Your Food and Tin Foil

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Place your food on the tin foil.

Step 2: Fold Tin Foil Over Food Then Start Ironing

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Step 3: TIME TO EAT!!

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Not only can you make grilled cheese fast but you can also grill steak, sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, and lots of other things!!


twitting (author)2017-07-21

This takes me back thirty years. In college, I used my iron all the time to make grilled cheese sandwiches and to reheat pizza (use books to prop iron so it's stable upside-down... wrap slice in a sheet of foil...flop the foil onto the iron... enjoy warm pizza!)

mikedobko (author)twitting2017-07-23

That's awesome!! Thanks!

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