Step 4: Fusion Time!

 Connect the Back to the Base as shown.

You are done!
what lego collection could i buy to acquire these parts altogether?
Well, I got all of my parts from a LEGO Mindstorms kit, but I'm sure you could find the parts in various other kits or, better yet, create it in the lego digital designer and buy the parts! lol
awesome design! i've been debating whether or not i should get the ipad, and one of the reasons against it were the overpriced accessories, but this might be a turning point!
Great design, but i modified it by adding 'legs' to the base (Basically 4 135 degree elbows on each corner) so that i could connect a cable to the iPad.
Nice addition! I'll try that.
Beautiful design! I have been messing with my mindstorms set for sometime looking for the perfect stand and this was much ahead of what I had created. Great Job!
Nice, the colours suit too.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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