Picture of Portable Led Game System

This is a really easy to do video game system with a LED screen.
I made it trying to keep it as tiny and cheap as possible.
It uses only one IC, a PIC16F628A and 9 bipolar transistors, has 4 buttons for control and a swich for turning it off.
It also has a tiny speaker for making some sounds.
The power is given by four ni-mh batteries, and the consume is so reduced and you will keep them charged for a long time.

Games: So far I have only programed three games but I gonna do more in the near future (see steps 9,10,11 and 12  for more info about the games).

I hope you like this instructable and make your own portable game system.

Ps: I am from Argentina so let me know for any grammar mistake.



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Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
led schematics.png

It just use some electronic components, most of are them recycled.

Transistors: Use 9 transistors BC548 or similar.
Even 2N3904 can be used but their terminals are opposite, very careful when soldering if you choose these ones.

LEDs: they are at the forefront of this project. Only the four lower LEDs are RGB, the rest are common red LEDs.
If the light is different from the LEDs you can diffuse then using a sandpaper.

Switches: try to get good quality switches. I used switches from a monitor for the shoulder buttons and I bought the front ones.

9 - 1k ohm
4 - 220 ohm
4 - 10k ohm
1 - 560 ohm

1 - 100 uf
1 - 100 nf

Microcontroler: PIC 16F628A

Misc: An on/off switch, a piece of plastic, 8 screws, 8 spacers, 1 piezo transducer (the little speaker that looks like a coin).

Step 2: Making the control board

Picture of Making the control board
control componentes.PNG

To make the control board I used the method of the ironing.
The tracks are thick enough to not have any problem and allow you to use any glossy paper.
The last image will help you locate the components.
Pdf file is ready for printing (don't use the fit to paper option).

control board.pdf(841x595) 21 KB
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ualbuquerque6 months ago

very nice! if I get a PIC 16F628A will make a game that

Raphango7 months ago

Great! Seems very fun! Congratulations!

NICO15XD11 months ago

When I open winpic800 it says can't install WP800I0.sys and it won't let me program it :(

NICO15XD1 year ago
La ultima imagen del paso 5 es 1:1?

The last image of the step 5 is 1:1?
NICO15XD1 year ago
Como programar?
NICO15XD1 year ago
Hola Bruno, tengo una duda, las tablas de color café son de cobre? Y esa lamina de cobre se pone en una tabla de plástico?
olvídalo, ya lo resolvi
NICO15XD1 year ago
Puedo usar en vez de un PIC 16f628a un microcontrolador que se llama RX-2-G 90507285?
RishiG1 year ago
Hi Bruno,

First off, this is an amazing idea, and your English is very good.
Please could you tell me the dimensions (how big it is/the size) of the game system? I want to know what size board to get.
Many thanks,
speedcola1 year ago
Hey I saw this other guy or the same guy idk but he made the same thing but with 2 games on it but you had to reprogram it to change it.
nancyjohns1 year ago
The translation to franchu's comment is:
forgive as it does to programme and to unload the file hex because it is opened in the explorer. greetings
udbvdyvjhh2 years ago
how to upload it
thank you
azharz2 years ago
Fantastic, I am going to the electronics shop for shopping these equipments.
franchu2 years ago
disculpe como se hace para programar y descargar el archivo hex porque se abre en el explorador. saludos
How much does this cost? Oh, yea very cool!
stealthop2 years ago
i see you don't use a multiplexer for your led matrix . did you program the pic to act as one?
hola, por favor me lo pasás por E-mail? ( grax!
circuit1013 years ago
Nice job, I have only two questions:
first how long did it take you to become this smart?
second if i used a PIC16f628 would there be any difference at all?
Kante Tech3 years ago
Arent the codes too big for the Pic because the pic can only hold 3.5 kb. So if i was touse a different pic say PIC16F88-I/P would that work?
steve-lane3 years ago
This is the best design of a home made game I have seen yet. Very nice job.
minijc3 years ago
could you play a driving game on this like a proper one
bere-ivan3 years ago
can you help me with this proyect, cause y have to do one but really i want to know how to do it, cause i dont know how to start it! please i need a lot of help
sajithjames3 years ago
can i get the c file for led racer??????

ddbear3 years ago
wow! that is really awesome!!! i have got to make this!
I like how the only grammar mistake I saw on the first page was "Ps: I am from Argentina so let me know for any grammar mistake." :P but else the grammar's ok
R.A.T.M3 years ago
could you do beam bot like free form or paper board
robot13983 years ago
how many pin switches are these 2 or 4
caco caco3 years ago
cool and cheap
tetris woooooooooh
jwoo20233 years ago
Looks like a gameboy micro!
jwoo20233 years ago
I don't have a laser printer :(
Plo Koon3 years ago
That would be "about any grammar mistakes".
kasta964 years ago
can I use the .HEX file in the programm "IC-prog"?
brunoip (author)  kasta964 years ago
yes, you can
can i just copy paste the code or i have to do something else
MECHOL3 years ago
this fantastic but i can't this make
mased0073 years ago
You are my idol. How old are you?
G4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
brunoip (author)  G3 years ago
Just put JDM on google
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