Portable Metal Bandsaw Stand





Introduction: Portable Metal Bandsaw Stand

This Instrucatable will show the constructed portable metal bandsaw stand including the tools and parts used.

Step 1: The Tools and Matierals


Portable bandsaw - Milwaukee metal bandsaw
Table Saw
screw Driver


1 - 8' piece of half(shallow) strut

8 - strut 90's

19 - 1/4" or 3/8" bolts, washers, lock washers

1 - 3/8" x 6" mounting bolt with washer and nut

1 - 14" x 7" piece of wood or plastic

2 - sheetrock screws with washers and lock washers

1- Clamp

Step 2: Building the Stand

Cut the strut using the measurements shown in the picture.

You should end up with the following cuts:

2 - 24" pieces
2 - 16" pieces
2 - 10" pieces
2 - 8" pieces

Step 3: Assembly of Parts

once all the strut has been cut bolt all the pieces using the 3/8" or 1/4" hardware. After the stand has been constructed, cut the table/cutting platform using a Table saw if the piece of wood/plastic is not 14" x 7" already. Using the bandsaw or similar saw with the same blade thickness, cut a slit in the table to allow the blade to slide into it. Once cut, mount the table to the struct 90's using sheetrock screw and with washers. I would recommend pre-drilling the wood/plastic before screwing the table in. If the sheetrock screws stick out the top of the table, be sure to grind/file the sharp tip off.

Step 4: Tighting the Saw

Everything should now be in place with everything tight besides the 3/8" mounting bolt. Make sure the table and the was blade are perpendicular with each other and then tighten the mounting bolt.

Step 5: Using Your New Bandsaw Stand

If your bandsaw doesn't have trigger lock, use a clamp to hold the trigger down. You can also wire a switched outlet and plug the saw into that.

Step 6: Your Finshed!

Enjoy your highly versatile saw! you can make cool projects such as the ones shown above. To check out how I made the gut hook hunting knife click HERE or the aXe knife HERE



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    is so nice

    Awesome idea. I was looking for a way to do this

    14, 3:09 PM.jpg

    heh a Porta-Band. I don't have one of those. I do have a 4x6 horizontal/vertical bandsaw though. It kind of does a bit of the same thing without the hassle of holding it up. I suppose a 4x6 takes up more space too.

    Here are pictures of a couple projects I have done recently mainly using my band saw.

    I made the tool rest on the left


    I made everything but the motor, and the mandrel for this


    I plan on making some other attachments to go with that second grinder, to slide on that tube. Being able to efficiently cut steel is key for working on metal projects. I think folks with those Porta Bands should have gotten 4x6 saws. No way you want to cut through some of that thick stock with a Porta Band.

    P.S. that 4x6 limit is just a suggestion



    Wow excellent post Ryan...! I might make one myself very cool....!!!!!!!

    Nicely done. That's one sweet way to get a metal bandsaw working the way you want it! Nice pieces at the end, there, too.