Introduction: Portable Mini Mancala

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 I  had a great time doing this.
It was so fun and easy, and
it only takes about 5-10 minutes.
In this instructable you will be
making a portable mini mancala.
Here's what you need :


Small Tin
Mini Watercolor paint holder.
string with mini balls on it. (sorry, i dont know the name)

Step 1: Watercolor Holder

Picture of Watercolor Holder

 The water color holder will be the holes for your "marbles". All you need to do to is remove the watercolor paints.


Push the plastic up with your finger and pull the water color out with your other fingers.

Step 2: Make the "Marbles"

Picture of Make the "Marbles"

 In this step you will be making the "marbles". This is quite easy. You will need the scissors and string with balls.


Take the scissors and cut between the balls so at the end you end up having three balls for each hole.

Step 3: Finish Up #1

Picture of Finish Up #1

 Now for the last steps.Here you will Put the holes into the tin. Its a peice of cake! 


Simply Push it in the tin.

Step 4: Finish Up #2

Picture of Finish Up #2

 Now for the final step. In this step you will be placing the marbles in the holes.


Step 5: TA-DA!!!

Picture of TA-DA!!!

 I hope this was fun for you! Bye!

Step 6: Cool Rules

Picture of Cool Rules

 Ok. So, i was told to makeup some cool rules because this isn't full scale mancala. (sorry) Here we go.

#1. Make cool "SUPER POWER" cards.
You can use these for special moves.
Everyone draws one at the begining of
the game.Here's some ideas for them.

"Skip 2 Spaces" 
"Start on opponent's side"
"Get 2 Turns"

#2. Color in a hole and call it a "Red Spot".
If you land on this you lose a turn.

#3. Be creative! Make up your own rules! It's fun and cool!


lemonie (author)2010-02-13

Don't you need 2 x 6 holes for Mancala?


carsoncool (author)lemonie2010-02-14

 Well, yes. But you can still play and even better, make up cool rules!!!

lemonie (author)carsoncool2010-02-14

It'll play differently - could you add in a step on your cool-rules?


carsoncool (author)lemonie2010-02-15

 Ok. I'll do it now. tHANKS!!

lemonie (author)carsoncool2010-02-15

I only played Mancala the once, and not for too many games either (I kept winning)


carsoncool (author)lemonie2010-02-15

 Cool! I'm not rreally that good...

Earths_hope (author)carsoncool2010-06-02

lets reply this comment bar to nothing!

carsoncool (author)Earths_hope2010-06-02


Earths_hope (author)carsoncool2010-06-03

keep responding to each others comments and it'll end up going into the guides bar

carsoncool (author)Earths_hope2010-06-03

 Cool! Its fun anyway! Ive want to do a usb instructable, but i cant do tech!

Geli12 (author)2010-04-03 
you can play that mancala it uses 4x2 and you can use your hand for pot.

i like your idea!

carsoncool (author)Geli122010-04-03

 Thanks! I couldn't say it better myself!

Geli12 (author)Geli122010-04-03
it's with
 hope it helps! please write me an answer

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