Portable Mobile Charger





Introduction: Portable Mobile Charger

Here we can find how to make mobile portable charger

Now a days portable charger (Power bank) is very nessery to our smart phones. For this we made this project to charge your mobile any where without any electric supply and it is charges by using our normal 9v battery

Step 1: Apparatus Required:

1- IC-7805

2- USB cable

3- 9v battery

4- Connecting

Step 2: Construction

Connect your 9v battery with IC-7805 pin shown in fig. and also watch this video for clear details to understand

Step 3:

Here you can able to see how it is working

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    Very interesting project !
    I know almost nothing about electronics, but I'm pretty sure this will also work using 6 rechargeable 1.2 volts AA (or AAA) batteries, right ?
    If so, that would be more useful to me than buying 9V batteries.
    It would be less portable of course, but that is not really an issue for me.

    Or maybe 8 rechargeable 1.2V batteries ? That would be closer to 9V.

    only 5 is enough because our phone need only 5v power supply so 5 AA batteries is enough

    you can use one 9v battery or 5 AA batteries that is your own choice but both will work good

    Nicely done.
    If you connect the data-pins on the USB (the two middle ones) to each other the phone will charge faster.

    How to connect tat data pins????????? that to power supply??

    It will work on Android phones, just not for long - a 9V PP3 is too weak and when it goes below the needed drop-out of the specific regulator used, the output voltage will be all over the place, possibly much higher than 10V, depending on how oscillations are dealt with.

    On iPhones, the data pins should be biased a little different to tell the phone that it's allowed to suck hard (like they don't already ;)

    I haven't had any reason to check up on windows phones, but I guess that you know what they need :)

    Have a nice day.