Introduction: Portable Music Player (at <500 Rupees)

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it's a home made music player. its cost is less than 500 Indian rupees. but the quality is high.

Step 1: What You Need?

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*Batteries 4v 1ah - 4(optional)
*speakers 4 inch and 3.5 inch(you can use any speakers , but it depends on your need , 4 inch 3 watt speaker is preferred)
*10k pot
*lm386 ic and its base
*on/off switch
*2 way switch
*dc Jack
*led (colour of your choice)
*330 ohms resistor-2
*jumper connectors and wires
*diode 1n4007
*7805 ic
*capacitors and resistors (will be specified in the circuit)
*mp3 module of your choice

soldering iron
wire splitter
soldering lead

Step 2: Make All Circuits

Picture of Make All Circuits

make the circuits as shown in the picture.

add led with series of 330 ohms resistor.

Step 3: Convert All the Connections Into Jumper Connection.

Picture of Convert All the Connections Into Jumper Connection.

cut the ends of jumper wires and solder it to the normal wire to connect it to the circuit.

connect the speakers in series and solder it to jumper wire to connect it to the circuit.

convert all such connections into jumper connection.

this is because if there is any problem in any of the component. you can replace it easily.

Step 4: Organizing Into a Box

Picture of Organizing Into a Box

Take a Sun board cut it into the shape of your box lid and make the openings for switches , dc Jack,leds ,pot and mp3 module.

I have already fixed speakers because
after soldering the speakers you cannot put them into separate holes.

Now fix all the components into place and hot glue them in place and screw the mp3 module .

clamp batteries using double sided glue tape .

Make holes in all the pcb boards as well as in the box as shown in the picture to fix it with screws.

now wire up everything according to the circuit.

close the box attach the Sun board to the box.

Step 5: Play and Enjoy.!!

Picture of Play and Enjoy.!!

now the portable music player is ready.

note: you should use only 9 volts 500ma-1amps adapter for charging

if you want to use 12 volts 1amps adapter you have to follow the next step.

Step 6: For 12 Volts Adapter

Picture of For 12 Volts Adapter

you have to add an extra circuit of 7809 ic voltage regulator to regulate 12v to 9v.

follow the above circuit instead of previous circuit.

if you are not using the batteries . you can directly connect the 12v to the circuit.


nemeen (author)2016-07-30

No need of 1N 4007 as you are using 7805 and please put the currency in $ this is international platform

tomatoskins (author)2016-07-29

This is great! I love home made amplifier circuits like this!

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