Picture of Portable Nintendo 64
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Nintendo 64 Portable , this was not made by me , it is made by borjaus on http://www.inventosunicos.com .
I will just post it here!
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Step 1: What We'll Need

Picture of What We'll Need
-LCD screen
-An Original N64
-N64 Controller
-Some tools to connect the n64 to the LCD screen
-A Case to put all these into ( or the original N64 Case glued together using modeling clay)
-A small speaker ( EDIT: It was an N64 Ram Upgrade about 512 MB , get it from amazon.com)
-Cartridges (Obviously)

Step 2: The Setup

Picture of The Setup
First of all we begin by disassembling the N64.
Then you'll notice two ports, 1 above and one below , the above one is for the cartridge , the below one is for the speaker.
Connect the cartridge, Screen , and Speaker.
Now we need three 4V batteries for the screen and the N64, connect them to the N64's Power Source , so that you can use the power supply as a charger.
Now we'll need a steel sheet so that we can put the circuit boards on them .
Put the LCD screen, then the Batteries , then put the N64's circuit board, then put the steel sheet , attach screws so you make sure they wont move away , Now , unfix the N64 Controller and put its circuit board on the steel sheet, put another steel sheet on them. Remember the Above port we say earlier? We must desolder its wires so we can attach it where ever we want . after desoldering , attach the Port on the 2nd steel sheet , and then solder the wires again! Now we can put the cartridge on the back on a lay-down form.
You can now attach rumble integration if you want.

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Nvm that comment again lol. And srry to bother again haha but is this fine for the battery?http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00BT0IYAI/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?qid=1375213526&sr=8-5&pi=SL75
thethiny (author)  El Chavito Loco2 years ago
I don't see any troubles, the amount of Voltage is the same, and I can tell it'll stay at least 4 hours before discharging.
Im having trouble finding speakers, can you send me a link to some speakers that will fit or the ones you used? Thanks!
thethiny (author)  El Chavito Loco2 years ago
get a screen with built in speakers, (a screen that has Red White Yellow cables). Or get a USB port built into this and plug in a USB speaker.
This is an LCD screen 3.5'' that has speakers
zackshultz2 years ago
How can i get a case like yours and what would it cost to have someone make it for me im not very tech savvy and id hate to spend money on the equipment then mess everything up
thethiny (author)  zackshultz2 years ago
the case is simply : Dried Modeling Clay.
Just go to any place that makes electronics and such things (or the places were people make their physics projects and stuff). Give them the instructions and they'd do it.
The expansion pack was only 8MB up from 4MB. 512MB of RDRAM back then would have cost far more than the N64 did to begin with and would have been larger than the pack its self.

Just letting people know in case they ever look around for one and drive themselves crazy trying to find 512.
Raphango7 months ago

Beautiful.... ;~


Geeksterizer7 months ago

if i offered you $100 would you make this for me?

Geeksterizer7 months ago

what is the lowest amount of money you would take for you to make me one of these i cant do more than 100$

FarrellT11 months ago

If the screen has speakers do you need the 512 MB speakers?

thethiny (author)  FarrellT11 months ago
you're welcome.
thethiny (author)  FarrellT11 months ago
Yes I mean the expansion.
FarrellT thethiny11 months ago


thethiny (author)  FarrellT11 months ago
my bad, those weren't speakers, they were RAM Upgrade Kit. So the answer is No.
FarrellT thethiny11 months ago

Thanks for answering also when you say RAM Upgrade Kit are you referring to the expansion pak?

Im working on a similar project and am using the same 7" tft color monitor but the problem is when I plug in the n64 I get a rolling picture or sorts where the video scrolls down the screen and loops back to the top. I cant find a vhold option in the menu and was wondering if you possibly had a fix.

Thank you.

I have the same exact problem, did you ever find a solution?

buggyguy1 year ago

are the steel sheeets taken from the n64? if not where do i get them?

I see that it has an hdmi output how do you connect that to that

ccurlin1 year ago
What are the exact dimensions of the case?

Is there a way I can keep the other controller ports on? For other players?

does this require soldering? i know how to but I'm just a beginner at it.

thethiny (author)  Theguywithnoface1 year ago


nerd74731 year ago
cool are these for sale?
derekdef341 year ago
Is there anyone we can go to to make it for us? Like a mechanic or something? I really want to make this unless you can make a video of you doing it yourself
HammE1 year ago
Is that game Goldeneye 007? I have that for my wii. And I really enjoyed the build! It's a very interesting idea.
kyte1 year ago
When you say circuits, could you be more specific? Would help a lot.
Srry to bother again. But can I contact you on Skype for questions because im really trying hard to make this
Can you go into more detail with the power supply part? I am having trouble.
Can you use a 12v battery instead?
Where did you get the charger? Any places not online that carry it? And do you need 3 4v batteries or does the charger cover it? Can you explain the power supply part over lol srry im really confused
thethiny (author)  El Chavito Loco2 years ago
Sorry I really don't remember, , you could however get 3 4v rechargeable batteries and stick them together and connect wires to the two poles and then connect the wires to the electricity. Unsafe.
Nvm that comment haha
thethiny (author)  El Chavito Loco2 years ago
And can you update the materials list please? Not all materials are listed in the list
Beautiful portable! I like how you kept the rumble feature inside as well. :)
I was just wondering, what screen are you using here? I was going to build one, but those PS1 screens are outrageously priced!
thethiny (author)  bryanmostert2 years ago
any small LCD screen will do , they are cheap , just make sure they have the input ports.
junits152 years ago
where can I find a screen like that?
vwess2 years ago
What kind of clay. Also is there any other things used to make the case. Also you explain you took a premade case. What was the case taken from. Thanks
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