Portable PVC Pipe Bluetooth Speaker





Introduction: Portable PVC Pipe Bluetooth Speaker

I've seen some pipe speakers on this site and it has inspired me to make one of my own.
This 'ible is actually more like how I made it than a how to and I hope you will learn something from it.

Step 1: Parts & Tools:

Things I used to make this speaker.
◾ an old PVC coupling that I found
◾ one 2500mah 18650 Li-ion Battery and its case
◾ Li-ion Battery Charger module
◾ One 2x3w Amplifier module
◾ one USB Bluetooth audio receiver (I've already disassembled)
◾ two 50mm 3w Speaker drivers which fit perfectly
◾ and some wires recycled from unused USB cables

◾ Soldering Iron
◾ Rotary Tool

PVA and super glue

Step 2: Cutting:

Using my rotary tool, I made a hole in the middle for the switch and charging port.

Step 3: Putting It Together:

First, I soldered wires to the two speakers then glued them to the couplings. Then I soldered the switch and the battery to the charger module. I soldered two more wires, one to the negative side of the battery and one in series with the switch which is connected to the positive side. Then glued the charger module and the switch and the battery inside the pipe. After that I connected everything else according to the block diagram I made. After putting the things together I tested it to see if everything is OK before closing it.

Step 4: Finishing It:

I finished it with a black paint then sealed it with PVA glue. I made something to cover the gaps around the switch and the port which I made from a piece of an old CD case.
Thank you for reading this and I hope you learned something.



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    Looks good! I've always thought these little pipe speakers were cool. Nice work :)

    thank you, i'm glad you like it!

    Hi, could you give us a part or model or something for the "USB Bluetooth audio receiver". It would help people find a source for their own to build this. Thanks!

    here's one similar to what i used: