Step 7: Optional: Clean up the images

Picture of Optional: Clean up the images
Use some simple photo-editing software to …
   Rotate the image, if it is out of alignment.
   Crop the image.
   Adjust the brightness and contrast.
      (For B&W images, increase the contrast and fully desaturate the color.)
   Fix photo aberrations (e.g. pincushioning).
See "before" and "after", below.
endolith5 years ago
The reflection of the camera legs is still visible in the picture. How do you get rid of reflections?
If the legs were black, they would not reflect.
Imagerlus5 years ago
I made a different setup, but it does the same. Do a search for a freesoftware called 'GIMP' that apparently has a function that canstraighten the image before cropping. Tucows.com should have it.
Yes, GIMP can correct skew and rotation using the"Perspective" ("corrective") tool