Step 2: Make the Amp

I am assuming that you can read a circuit diagram, and have included one.

It is a pretty straightforward circuit, very similar to any of the $5 amplifier circuits out there.

It revolves around the very useful 386 op amp. This is a great little IC with a few decent uses. There are virtually hundreds of amplifier circuits out there that can be built around one of these. Some of the better thought out circuits give surprisingly robust and clear sound.

I was going for a simple circuit, that delivered good sound, and this version does a fair job of that, so long as you keep the signal volume low (I.e the volume from your iPod or similar). Any sound system is only going to be as good as the speaker anyways, and with this type of speaker...well, not much better can be done.

The sound is decent considering the speaker, and the volume can be very high, however the speaker can't handle the output and crackles and distorts at high volume. A better speaker would certainly improve it and allow for a higher volume. 

I honestly find that the volume is sufficiently loud even with the lower signal volume. A pot could be added across pins 1-8 to give control over the gain, with the 10uF capacitor, gain is set to the maximum. We tweak the sound a little on the way out to the speaker first with the R/C combination as a filter, and then smoothed with the final cap before the speaker. This last one doesn't make much difference if you are not planning on adding the LED Organ, but really improves the sound with the organ running off the output.

Solder yours up. Yours will probably be neater than mine.

Drill  few holes in your speaker housing to let sound out and glue your speaker into the enclosure.
You could simply glue the speaker into the hat, but a box around a speaker helps immensely, even if the dimensions aren't engineered.

Cool stuff
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Cheers! I am bummed, I released this at virtually the same time as muff-fones, and they got featured...I guess I was missing something.....sigh.<br> Well, thanks for the compliment, from a fellow Canadian, it means a lot! I got some partying to attend to, it's freezing!
Granted, I'm from the Northern U.S., not Canada, but I always thougt it was tuque not toque. Did Bob and Doug lead me astray?
<p>french canadian here.</p><p>its Tuque, it came from the first colon that came to quebec. the form they got from the indian that lived here. only english canadian call it toque, its because they cant prononce &quot;tuque&quot; without getting funny looks all around.</p>
I think that both are acceptable eh. I thought tuque was the french spelling.
The answer, according to the awesome mikeasaurus, is that toque, tuque, and touque are all acceptable spellings and that it depends where you are from. I will be honest and say that I let spellcheck confirm that the spelling that I chose was good, and went with that.
forgot to ask, did you record your video in front of a mirror?<br>would have been nice to get a better look at your LED... you mention that it makes the bot look like its singing, but you can't tell from the picture or the video. (I don't mean to sound critical, just making an observation). <br><br>The end result is still great. - Cheers!
I did not have time to film a new one (working hard on my advent calendar submission), but I found one I took during the build, and I added it to step 4. I think it shows what you wanted to see, never mind my talking in the background, I have thirteen hamsters in my head, and this wasn't meant to air.<br>Cheers.
Well maybe sing is an over statement. It just flickers with the music and is mounted behind the patch near the mouth. <br>You can see the general performance of the lamp in step 3, but it is a dark video and you don't see what you were hoping to any better. <br>I will try and take a better video and update tonight. <br>Glad you enjoyed it. (and yes it is me in the mirror, pretty sad I know, but I did not trust my two year old to film me)
lol... well you never know with a 2 year old, but even Steven Spielberg had to start somewhere.
No you were not led astray. (lol)<br>Funny enough there are 3 acceptable ways to spell it...<br><br>Toque, Tuque and Touque<br><br>I'm not sure of their exact origins, but there are many words that have an 'English' form, French-Canadian form and also Canadian-English form.<br><br>A good example is the word neighbor - this is the English-U.S. version, in Canada, we spell it neighbour. (A real pain with spell-check if it's not set to Canadian-English).

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