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Ok so I have this amazing idea for a instructable everything's great; you think here comes the views ,comments and followers... Till you realise why bother posting if you have your room in your background so I have created a portable photo booth

Step 1: Materials

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Cardboard box
Electrical tape
Packaging tape
3 LEDs
Mini box
Camera wedge
Paddle pop
Headphones cardboard tube
Plastic tube
Screw that fits camera
Camera or device

Step 2:

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First take your box and cut the front of the cardboard box off as shown is drawing next cover everything in paper then place a curves sheet in the centre so that when you take the photo it
Gives that armless look

Step 3:

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Now you have a photos studio all you have to do know is cut a slot like shown and place camera in there as overhead shot, if you would like a tripod check out my other instructable to do that.

Step 4:

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Build a few electric circuit and add LEDs then put in the box, my tripod has a
Clamp on it for my iPhone that way I did not have to buy a new torch I just put it on the iPhone torch I also made a few filters which changed the light colour these were pecies of pipe over PVC fittings.the camera wedge is a old box.

Step 5:

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You can add a reflector
As shown in photo


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Example photos


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