This pillow is very easy to make and can be useful in many situations. It has a special pocket to hold a matching blanket. The original idea was for something to keep warm at football games; the pillow could be a seat cushion. Since this was the original plan, mine is blue and red for the Buffalo Bills (yeah, yeah, I know...). This could be used for any cool-weather games and you can customize the colors to your favorite team. They also sell fuzzy fabric with team logos on it (but these fabrics are more expensive).

Other ideas for this set include (but definitely not limited to!):
- Dorm room or small apartment - store a spare blanket for cold nights or company
- Car - You should always have a blanket in your car just in case you get caught in the snow. Alternatively, this could be good for passengers falling asleep on a long ride.
- Sleepovers - I've included handles so it's very portable!
- Picnics - Again, it's portable so bring it with you and you'll have a picnic blanket and a cushion to sit on!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

This project can be customized in many ways to fit your needs. I will try to mention where things can easily be changed. You can make it a bit easier by just buying a small blanket (or if you have one already) - you'll still need most of the same supplies, just less fabric.

1. Fabric: I used some plain fuzzy fabric, which was $3-4/yard. The patterned fabric is a bit more and the team logo fabric runs around $11/yard. I got 1.5 yards of red and 1.5 yards of blue. How much fabric you buy is really up to you. The red was entirely used for the blanket and it turned out a decent size. You'll need about 1 yard for the pillow/case piece (I had some leftover).
2. The cushion: My original plan was to use a piece of memory foam but they don't sell it at walmart anymore. While in the store, I decided a pillow form would be the cheapest without using loose stuffing. You could really use any type of foam or stuffing for the pillow part.
3. Thread: Some thread to match. I just used white on the border and black on the pillow because I don't like filling up my limited storage with lots of colors of thread, but it would be better to get thread the same color as your fabric.
4. Pins: I didn't have enough to go all the way around the blanket, so I had to pause and sew and then pin the rest.
5. Scissors: Nice sewing scissors are always nice but you'll at least need something that will cut through the fabric.
6. Something to sew it together: A sewing machine is useful for this part (I steal my mom's all the time). You could use a needle and thread if you want to, but I wouldn't recommend trying to finish the edges of the blanket this way unless you are really bored.

Optional supplies:
7. Ribbon: (or something for the edge of the blanket) I used 2" wide ribbon. I got 2 rolls of 12 feet each and wasn't left with much extra. You could use something different to make the edge of the blanket prettier. Alternatively, you could save money by skipping the edging and just use a basic hem.
8. Buttons: I didn't add any but you could use a button to create a closure at the top of the blanket pocket or you could use one in the center of the pillow to pull it together (think like buttons on a couch). I know that they have huge needles to do that, but you might be able to get by with a regular one if you wanted to attempt it.
9. Zipper: Another one that I didn't do, you could add a zipper closure on the blanket pocket. You could also use a zipper on the last seam of the pillow - this would allow you to remove the pillow piece to wash the pillowcase.
10. Decorations: You could embroider or applique a design on the outside (like a team logo). Beads, sequins, the possibilities are endless.

Re:&nbsp;step 1, item #6:&nbsp; Ahem.&nbsp; Please!&nbsp; We do NOT&nbsp;&quot;steal&quot;&nbsp;from Mom.&nbsp; We may creatively acquire; we may borrow for extremely extended periods of time; we may even &quot;forget&quot;&nbsp;to return a borrowed item.&nbsp; But we do not steal from Mom.&nbsp; In most cases, Mom will happily give permission, which - as long as we asked - makes it impossible, anyway, to &quot;steal&quot;&nbsp;from Mom.&nbsp; (Sorry, but I'm speaking, here, from both ends of the Mom deal!)&nbsp; Love the pillow AND&nbsp;blanket package.<br />
i've seen pillows that unfold into blankets but never pillow with a blanket in it. might have to make one<br /> <br />
Yes, thank you.&nbsp; I've never personally seen the value in a pillow that turns into a blanket because, excuse me, how does one nap properly without the pillow that has become the blanket?&nbsp; Granted, napping is not usually a problem, since I&nbsp;can mostly do it anywhere, anytime, but it's nice to be prepared.&nbsp; ; )<br />

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