Shrink a 6 inch pen down to a 4 inch pen that easily clips to your notepad, book, sheet music, shirt pocket, pant pocket, and more! With this little portable pocket pen, you can express your creativity through designing the pen itself and writing gorgeous poetry. If you are on the go, just grab your pocket plane and clip it to your shirt collar! The simplicity of the portable pocket pen makes it easy to make in under a minute. Well, unless you take a long time to pick out your favorite color and pattern of duct tape. Follow these easy steps and you will have your pen in no time!

  • Duct tape (Choose whatever color you like! You may even like to get creative and put stripes of different colors down your pen!)
  • Giant paperclip (On the package of paperclips it should say "giant". You could experiment with different sizes and colors of paperclips however.)
  • Pen
  • Needle-nose pliers (optional...just makes it easier to bend the clip!)

Step 1: Bend the Paperclip

Bend the paperclip. Find the outside end, and follow it to the bottom of the clip where the first bend is. Bend the curve straight with pliers or with your hands. Pliers just make it easier to bend the clip, but whatever you choose. :)
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Bio: Although I love all art in general, some of my favorites include photography, constructing practical stuff out of duct tape, and sewing up a storm ... More »
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