Step 5: Final Thoughts

There you have it.  Here is a portable powered board with some custom tailoring for under $100, good luck finding that at your local music store.
The power supply is noise free and has been running great.  I may do a check to make sure my regulators aren't creating too much heat, possibly burning insulation from adjacent wiring, in which case I'll add a few "speed holes" for ventilation.

I found some right angle dc power cables on ebay and made a few custom length power runs ($6 for 10 'ends', made 5 cables).  Also got some right angle 1/4" jacks ($12 for 10, made 5 cables) and using a broken old fender instrument cable I made some custom patches.  Really cleaned up the whole setup and left alot more space, things aren't so cramped.

Future upgrades:
I'm going to add some kind of clip or strap on the outside top of the box that will hold the power and in/out cables when traveling.
Replacing the latches with a padlock-able one.
Replacing the handle with something a bit more robust.  The poker set was quite heavy so I'm not too concerned about the support of the box, but in a situation like this there are plenty of room for upgrades, and plenty of money saved from not spending the $300+ dollars on a powered board and flight case.

I realize I compressed a pretty big build into just a few steps (still new to this instructable thing), if you want clarification on anything leave a comment, that way others can get an answer too.

Good luck and happy building DIY'ers!

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