Step 16: Layout the components

Picture of Layout the components
Take all of the components (Pi, screen, battery, controllers, wires) and lay them out. You will then hook them all up just as if they were in the briefcase. The wires for the screen should be connected like the pictures show. The 3.5mm to rca should plug directly into the audio ports on the A/V cable. The A/V cable should plug into the video rca on the Pi and then plug into the screen’s a/v port. There will be lots of extra wires bundles up but it works and it looks fine when the project is complete. This will allow you to visualize where the wires go once inside the briefcase.

The battery comes with cables that can be used with the pi and the screen. Run the screen off of DC power using the DC cable fitted with the correct tip. Run the Pi off USB fitted with the micro usb tip.

When the visualization process is complete, place the components with briefcase and run the wires underneath the foam. IF the foam bunches up, carve away some more of the bottom of the foam to create a small “cave” for the wires. This will make the foam lay flat and it will look much better.