Picture of Portable Raspberry pi with battery pack 2.0
This was my second project I have worked on for Instructables. I think I did a great job and I hope you do too.

For this project you will need:                                                                              Where I got them:
-Raspberry pie (with a case if possible)                                                                     
-LCD screen (Something to view what comes from you Raspberry pie)                          
-Key board and mouse (wireless is better)

-12 LED USB Desk Lamp and Fan.                                                                                        Menards store

-Retractable USB to Micro USB Cable                                                                                   RadioShack store
-Portable Battery back up & Charger ZAGG 

-USB wire from something that you don't need( I got it form an old mouse)
-video wire
 -something to carry you project
total cost of project around $200-300

I what to say thanks to RadioShack at
  • 2565 Sycamore Rd
  • Dekalb
  • (815) 787-0928
    They have great prices and things to make any project you can think of. 

Step 1:

Picture of
This is really important I put 12V to my LCD screen and I burned a fuse. I found out It only needs 6V to work.

First thing to do is convert the power cord from the LCD screen to allow for a USB connection to your Portable Battery back up & Charger from ZAGG..

Cut the wires to a good length, but not too short, just in case you mess up the splicing. I did not account for how much lenght I needed for the LCD.. You need to connect  red and black wires from the USB to the corresponding red and black on the LCD cord. I used alligator clamps to test the connections with my voltmeter. I was getting 5.15v  which was right voltage to power the LCD screen.
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we know what an lcd screen is you don't have to lecture us.