Here is how to make a portable shogi board!

Shogi is very similar to Chess. Chinese Chess, Western Chess, Shogi, and several other chesslike games most likely came from an original version of Chess in India. Since then, a version of the Indian Chess traveled from India to Han-Dynasty China, to Japan, and this game, Shogi, is the result. Like Chess, you try to checkmate the opponent's king. The things that makes Shogi so great though, are drops and promotions. In Shogi, instead of killing pieces, they are captured, and you can place them back on the board to work for you. It is believed this is because in 16th century Japan, mercenary groups would be captured, and could switch loyalties to avoid execution. In addition, promotion is vaguely similar to that of chess. When a piece reaches the back third of the board, it can promote.

Step 1: Here are the materials:

Picture of Here are the materials:
Materials Required:

Two wooden 12in x 10in boards. Can be any thickness, I used 1/2in, but 1/4in to 3/4in should work splendid.

Two wooden 12in x 1in x 1in dowels.

Two wooden 8in x 1in x 1in dowels.

4 small blocks of scrap wood under 1in thick thickness.

Wood Glue

Materials Optional:

Screws: If you really want it extra secure. I felt like I just needed wood glue, but if you want nails, go ahead.

Magnets: I plan on sinking some small magnets into the sides, to make a magnetic clamp for the board, so the pieces and stuff don't fall out.




Clamps: I suppose you can use books... I used to use a stack of textbooks, but ever since I got the C-clamps, my projects seemed stronger and better...

Sandpaper: Sometimes things don't fit right, and other times you might get splinters...
bowmaster6 years ago
In order to keep track of which troops are whose you can drill a hole in the front to put a cock-tail flag through. Make sure that you can remove the flag to switch sides.
I may make an 'ibl about customizing your pieces, making little flags in them to identify them just for fun.. I plan to make the flags in a design like the flags that Samurai Cavalry were depicted to have.. Anyone think that would be a nice idea?
That would be cool.
then I'll do it! in a few hours, that is.. It's 12:30 am here.. o.0
lunius lunius4 years ago
and it's been done! And entered into the Epilog Contest xD

Mushrooshi (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
Well, when you play it, you realize which pieces you have based on the orientation, all people I have played against keep it facing their forward, even if it is their first time.
Ya, after I read into it more I realized that.
lunius4 years ago
I made an 'ible about creating a Shogi board cheap and easy, if anyone wants to try the game before making this awesome board..

lunius4 years ago
what did you make your pieces out of?
bdblock946 years ago
how do you play?
there is an amazing tutorial on youtube just type in shogi he teaches you a lot of moves and strategies too
puzzlefreak6 years ago
Nice, I wanted to learn to play this
gmjhowe6 years ago
Nice work, i suggest adding a short description of what the game is about in the intro, just for people that have no idea. (like me)
8bit gmjhowe6 years ago
Mushrooshi (author)  8bit6 years ago
Request granted, I was up late when making this instructable anyways.