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Introduction: Portable Skype Phone V2

Heres an easy way to make your own cordless phone skype ready, Dont need to open your phone, and you can dial from it as well! All for about $5.

Props to Vitali Virulaine at http://www.vital.pri.ee/PSTN/ for coming up with, and sam for inspiring me to show him up, I hope you get into the maxim party!!!

Step 1: Parts Needed

-2 mini audio plugs 1/8" (buy cheap headphones and cut off the plugs)
-an RJ11 Plug (buy a cheap phone cord and cut off one end)
-2 100OHM resistors
-500OHM variable resistor
-2 3.3uF capacitors
-9V adapter, or USB plug, or use the one currently in your phone.

Step 2: Building

At first I was a little skeptical whether this would work or not, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did.
Connect the parts according to the schematic.
-I connected the grounds together and both left and right of the stereo plug together, since its going to be mono anyway.
-For the phone line cord, you use the center 2 wires only
-I didnt use a variable resistor, I used a 470OHM and it was loud enough
-Im currently powering it with my power supply, but will likely wire it into the phone's power supply. you could also run the wires to a usb plug and power it from your computer.

Step 3: Finishing.

If you have the skills you can make this into a nice PCB like Vitali did....

Step 4: Calling

Once your adapter is all hooked up, make a call to echo123 and make sure your sound and mic are working.

If you want to be able to dial from your phone, you will need to download the skype pluggin below.

You will need to calibrate this software to recognize your dialing volumes, just follow the wizard.
To make a call, pick up the phone, dial the number 15551234567 and press #
Alternatively, you can dial from skype.

Enjoy the freedom of your cordless phone!
Ive included a video of me calling from the phone as proof that it works!



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There is some software like chat cord dialer for MAC or linux, im using Xlite under those systems.

I tried the new schematic and it didn't work, I didn't use a pot though so perhaps that why. I agree that it's not to specific about how to connect it.

I looked up that schematic on google and it said that this particular setup had echo problems... have you experienced that at all? also it shows a slightly different newerversion but it doesnt explain it very well... and i was just wondering what to do. Thank you.

If you get an incomming voice chat request, does it allow you to accept it with a button press?

Thanks for the info. I could sure use one of these and I know I have all the parts. Unfortunately the software doesn't run on Windows 2000. I have read that the earlier beta versions to 1.3 do work for 2000. Any chance you know where I can get it? Chat-Cord@DialerSK 2.1.0 Setup "Chat-Cord@DialerSK runs only on Windows XP or Windows ME"

Hmm, so I have made the original and modified circuit and they both seem to work fine, my problem is that the input volume doesn't match the output volume. So if I call the skype test center, leave my message and hear it played back to me, it is incredibly faint. I've tried playing with the gain levels on my input but even maxed out it doesn't get a great signal. Any thoughts?

I know that, But I'm really setting this up for my grandparents, that aren't computer literate. I personally built one of these last week with no problems, It works great for me but it will be alot of hassle for them.

do you have the echo problem? I've tried both the old and new version of this and I still get a bad echo

hey there TABRadiO, i'm dealing with the same problem and i'd like to get this solved. there must be something. i had another program but don't seems to work with my phone. here's the link:http://phoneconverter.com/en/Downloadskype12/setupskype12.exe

please leave me a note if you've found something