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aloha! Here again to supply you with another easy instructable. Cajons are drums made out of wood shaped like a box, they are played sitting on them and then drumming on the thin wood side. The Cajon is an incredibly fun instrument! the only downside is, Portability. they make bongo cajons, but many times you wont find a portable cajon at a affordable price. here's how to make one using a large cigar box. lets begin!


Picture of YOU WILL NEED:

-Large Cigar Box (don't be afraid to drum on a cigar box! find the one you think sounds best, make sure the bottom or top is thin, the thinner, the more it will resonate. the rest of th side can be whatever thickness but preferably thicker)

-hole drill bit (I recomend 2-2.5in. in diameter)

-snare (take it from an old snare drum or you can find them at your local music store or online, but there is many ways to make your own too).

- 2 small machine screw

-wire cuter or snips to snip the snare in half

-drill and drill bit to make holes for the screws

Step 2: Cut and Screw in the Snare

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in this case I am using a snare drum snare. once taking it off the snaredrum, I positioned the snare on the inside side wall of the cigar box. position the snare downward towards the thin side of the cajon that you will be drumming on. screw the small screws through the snare holes and the snare is now in place!


Step 3: Drill the Sound Hole!

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drill the soundhole on the side of the cajon. if the cajon is going to be positioned between your legs while playing, make sure the soundhole will not be facing your legs. sand it a bit and you are done!

Step 4: Extras!

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feel free to install a piezo disk wired to a 1/4in. jack. a piezo disk/buzzer/drum trigger is a pickup that picks up vivrations. position it on the inside part of the cajon (preferably onto the side you will be drumming on) and drill a 1/4 hole on the side of the cajon. screw the jack through the hole. plug it into an amp or PA and boom! electric Cajon!
comment your makes of this portable Cajon drum! I'd love to see what you came up with! Drum On my Friend!


mik.yeh.9 (author)2014-08-28

cool idea. btw do you have a video about it? just curious about the sound. thanks.

Raverx160 (author)2014-08-23

You could also cut holes in the top and veneer a thin piece of wood. The thinner the better for the head. I use 1/8 inch 3 ply for my usual drums. but a thinner head is needed for a smaller drum.

craftclarity (author)2014-05-23

I love that really flat slapping sound you get out of these. Nicely made.

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