If you've ever tried waxing your snowboard on a table, a couple chairs, or even saw horses you know what a pain it can be to have your board slide all over the place when scraping, and edges are nearly impossible to do precise work on when the board is always slipping off your work area.

The solution to these problems is to use tuning vises to keep your board under control, but at about $80 a set I just couldn't spend the cash, and why buy when you can make?

Step 1: Materials

So here's a basic list of what you're going to need, although most things can be substituted with whatever you have laying around.
You will also need 2 clamps of some kind to hold these vises to a table.   I use my Irwin quick grip clamps, but c-clamps will also work great, and you can get em for a few bucks at a hardware store or watch Home Depot around Christmas for specials.

1 - 4x4 16" long
1 - 2x4 24" long
1 - 5/8" diameter "all-thread"(a.k.a. "threaded rod") 8"-10" long
2 - wing nuts and washers to fit on the all-thread 
1 - small scrap of hardwood approximately 1/2" thick x 1" wide  x 5" long
3" screws
wood glue (optional)
cupboard liner

Here is where I say that I'm not taking any responsibility for your safety at any time, especially while building this project.  It is your responsibility to learn how to use your tools correctly and safely.  I am not even going to tell you exactly how I cut my wood or even what tool I used to cut it.  Use what you are comfortable with and have.

Some kind of wood saw( table saw, mitre saw, hand saw, whatever you got)
Various drill bits
Pliers (preferably vise grips)
Speed square
Tape measure

Do you have to use a 5/8 in threaded rod? I can't seem to find any wing nuts for a 5/8 in threaded rod
No, whatever size you can find should work, just adjust the hole size accordingly
Oh this is great. Last season I had to P-Tex the bottom of my board, this jig would of been super helpful.

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