This is a portable solar ac power source to run fans/projectors/charge phones/etc. It runs off of 10 rechargeable 1.2 volt batteries and lasts up to 2 hours of fan and phone charging. Recharge can take up to 10 hours due to the low wattage solar panel used.

Intended Purpose:

Run fans and charge phones and laptops. Don't try to run a microwave or something big off it!

Quick Description:

- Solar Rechargeable

- Powers 400 watts AC things

- Lasts up to 2 hours

- Quick recharge time

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Please give this inscrutable a chance! If you like it, vote for me. This is my first instructable. :D

Step 1: Parts & Materials

Parts are available on amazon:


Parts & Materials:

- 10 Battery Holder

- Cobra 400 Watt Inverter

- 1N4007 Diode

- 5 Watt Solar Panel

- Rechargeable Batteries!


Tools & Equipment:

- Hot Glue Gun

- Soldering Iron


My Advice:

I am not a fan of buying things so I usually make from what I have. In this instructable I wired 2 four battery holder and 1 two battery holder all in series instead of buying a 10 battery holder. The best part is the holders are recycled from remote control cars.

<p>Great project, thanks for posting!</p>

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