Picture of Portable Solar AC Power

This is a portable solar ac power source to run fans/projectors/charge phones/etc. It runs off of 10 rechargeable 1.2 volt batteries and lasts up to 2 hours of fan and phone charging. Recharge can take up to 10 hours due to the low wattage solar panel used.

Intended Purpose:

Run fans and charge phones and laptops. Don't try to run a microwave or something big off it!

Quick Description:

- Solar Rechargeable

- Powers 400 watts AC things

- Lasts up to 2 hours

- Quick recharge time

Last Minute Green Design Contest / Battery-Powered Contest!

Please give this inscrutable a chance! If you like it, vote for me. This is my first instructable. :D

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Step 1: Parts & Materials

Picture of Parts & Materials

Parts are available on amazon:


Parts & Materials:

- 10 Battery Holder

- Cobra 400 Watt Inverter

- 1N4007 Diode

- 5 Watt Solar Panel

- Rechargeable Batteries!


Tools & Equipment:

- Hot Glue Gun

- Soldering Iron


My Advice:

I am not a fan of buying things so I usually make from what I have. In this instructable I wired 2 four battery holder and 1 two battery holder all in series instead of buying a 10 battery holder. The best part is the holders are recycled from remote control cars.

Step 2: Solder that Diode

Picture of Solder that Diode

Your solar panel will look like something above the red is positive and the blue is negative. You want to put the diode on the red wire with the black line pointing toward the battery pack. This will force the current to go only to the batteries so the batteries cannot send electricity back to damage the solar panel. Wrap the red wire around the diode lead and solder them together. You can make this without a diode but when it gets dark you will have to disconnect te solar panel to avoid draining the batteries and ruining the solar panel.

You can look at the wiring picture on page 1!!!

Great project, thanks for posting!