• Off - Grid power ! Safe - 12 Volt !

  • Easy to assemble ! Fast setup !

  • Independent ! no need of a filterpump ! Go to the Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkmiSuzY1dk

  • Portable, Foldable, Small, Easy to transport in a

    Ryanair - proofed

    suitcase , No electric wire ! Eco - friendly ! Fun ! Warm ! High Tech ! No screwdriver ! As simple as an IKEA bookshelf !

    What do you need ?

  • a Ubbink Solarmax 600: Solar panel 12 Volt and pump 12 Volt - https://issuu.com/g2j.net/docs/solarmax_600_cert.
    Pump 610 l/h max , head 1,7 m max. Solar panel 10 Watt.
  • 2 X Intex Solar Heater Mat: www.intexcorp.com/support/28685e.html
    - Dimensions mat: ± 1,2 m x 1,2 m. Surface: 2,017 m²
    ( or 50 m black garden tube 25 mm = 1,25 m² )

  • 2 X blue tubes 32 mm x 200 cm
  • PVC 4 X elbow white 32 mm 87°
  • 2 X joint sleeve for PVC pipe 32 mm, 2 X Stop 32 mm
  • a Adapter tube - reducer 32 mm / 13 mm ( see pictures and step 3 )

Go also to the website's:




Testresult in Step 9

Step 1: Order All the Parts : the Solar Pump and the Solar Heater Mat ( or Garden Hose )

When you like to build it, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkmiSuzY1dk

The Portable Solar Pool Heater( Unit, Module, System, Project )

( order all the parts, but google first for the lowest price ! )

www.dewitschijndel.nl/Intex-Solar-mat ( Solar Mat )

http://www.ubbinkdealer.nl/ubbink-solarmax-incl-solarpaneel-en-pomp ( Ubbink SolarMax 600 = Solar Pump 12 Volt and Solar PV panel12 Volt )

www.fun.be( blue tube 32 mm)
Brice plan it ( elbow and tube sleeve 32mm )

Go also to the website's:



Step 2: Make Your Own Genius Portable Solar Heater Module

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The power of raw sunshine at midday on a cloudless day is 1000W per square meter. That’s 1000 W per m2 of area oriented towards the sun.

Solar Bag 1-2-3 = 1,04 m² = 1,04 k Watt or
Two Intex Solar Heater Mat = 2 m2 = 2,017 kWatt or 2017 Watt or

50 meter black garden tube 25 mm = 1,25 m² = 1,25 k

look for more pictures on www.warm-water.be


Step 3: How to Make the Reducer/adaptor - Tube:

To make the reducer/adaptor - tube:

Go to a DIY shop and buy small pieces of tube from different diameter from 13 mm up to 32 mm. Slide one into the other. Make sure they slide tight ! That's all.


Step 4: Manual's

Unpack Intex Solar Heater Mat, and read INTEX OWNER'S MANUAL. - SOLAR HEATER MAT


Unpacking Ubbink SolarMax 600, and read Operatng MANUAL SolarMax 600


Step 5: How to Connect 12 Volt Pump to 12 Volt Solar Photovoltaic Panel !

Before you connect the 12 Volt pump to 12 Volt Solar photovoltaic panel,

make sure the photovoltaic panel is covered.

When the photovoltaic panel is covered, no current will flow ! And the pump is standby.

Submerge the pump in the Pool.

Once the photovoltaic panel is exposed to the sun, the pump starts pumping.

Step 6: Connecting 32 Mm Blue Tube to Adaptor, Pump and Intex Solar Heater Mat

Connect 32 mm blue tube to pump and adaptor 32 mm / 13 mm and Intex Solar Heater Mat
See image, photo
Connect other 32 mm blue tube to output of INTEX Solar Heater Mat.
( black 32 mm tube in the photo )
See image, photo, picture.

Step 7: Swimming

My swim coach instructed me to swim every day on holiday.

I went on holiday to Cyprus and the water in the Pool of the Hotel was cold. That's when the idea started in my mind, to invent a portable heater ! To warm Pool water !



Step 9: Testresult of Test in South of France 2016

Test with a Blue Ocean Solar bag 1-2-3, a Intel Solar Heater Mat, a esotec Solar Pumpensystem " Milano", and blue 32 mm tubes

( After the first day, a wire from the ceramic pump broke, that why I used the fountain pump )

I was lucky that I had my first fountain pump 0,6 m3/h max and my first Solar panel 12 Volt with me. ( Milano - esotec Solar Pumpensystem )
The mat and the bag heated the water 4°C, from 23,3°C to 27,3°C ( Ocean Blue Solar bag 1-2-3 and Solar Heater mat intex )

Next demonstration februari 2017, Tenerife Spain !


Step 10: Improvements : Insulation ! and Using the Green House Effect !

When you lay the collectors on the ground.
You might put some insulation first.
Covering the collector with a plastic or glass plate,
will improve the results.
awesome project<br>how much does this cost?<br>how well does it actually work?<br>what is the temperature before you even get into the pull or hook up your device?<br>what is the temperature of the water coming out? assuming a decent day.
<p>The 1 kW New Low Cost Foldable, Portable, Solar Swimming Pool Heater DIY Module version cost 108 Euro !</p>
<p>104 Euro ! for the 1 k Watt version ( 1000 Watt )</p><p>124 Euro ! for the 2,017 k Watt version ( 2017 Watt )</p><p>next test will be in Tenerife febr. 2017 !</p>
<p>Price with two Intex Solar Heater Mat, a SolarMax 600 ( 12 Volt pump and Photovoltaic Solar Panel ), 4 elbows 32 mm, 4 meter blue tube 32 mm and two stop 32 mm, 147 Euro.</p><p>Temperature poolwater 23,5&deg;C, after the portable Solar Heater 27,5&deg;C. Test in the South of France.</p>
<p>Video from test in Tenerife. They were starting big maintenance works, repainting the pool. So I used a round plastic sink. See Youtube :</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkmiSuzY1dk</p>
<p>this is without the samsonite suitcase, wich is an other 299 EURO more.</p>
<p>This is nice in theroy but in reality I'm afraid it's useless. <br>The output of this heater is far too low to have any effect on anything but a wading pool. Look up basic thermodynamics heating tables and you will see that at 1 Kw this thing has the power to raise 10L of water 1 oC in an hour. <br>To put it in perspective, you are trying to heat your pool with less power than the average electric jug. <br><br>On a warm day, you would probably do better to pump the water through an old car radiator and have a fan blowing air through it. The heat pickup would probably be more than this provides. <br><br>Good effort but you really need to look up the basic thermodynamics tables to see what you need to do to make something practical. </p>
<p>Sadly Glumpy, I think you need to look at basic thermodynamics tables. Your calculations are WAY off. Using a 1Kw heater will heat 10L of water 1 degree is about 40 seconds. Not an hour like you suggest. This heater on average will heat up about 1000L of water a total of 5 degrees in 6 hours. Not bad. But yes, not enough for a full size pool. </p>
<p>Thank you for your usefull comment. I added step 8 : The Water Heating Time Calculator.</p><p>I didn't find the Basic Thermodynamics Heating tables on internet.</p><p>The Solar Pool Heater is a Module. If you have a big Pool, than You can build 2 or 3 ...</p><p>Modules. Or more. </p><h3><a href="https://www.google.be/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjG9J3mlbHOAhXCtRQKHfoXAk4QFggeMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.instructables.com%2Fid%2FPortable-Solar-Pool-Heater-104-K-Watt%2F&usg=AFQjCNHHmfMvTz4MhN3y3TxW0jSNRYlM-g&sig2=T0OxsSC7nM-RRyTcOs7obg&bvm=bv.129391328,d.d24">Genius Portable Solar Swimming Pool Heater 1,04 k Watt Do It Yourself Module...</a></h3>
<h2>Step 8: WATER HEATING TIME CALCULATOR</h2><p><a href="http://processheatingservices.com/water-heating-time-calculator/">http://processheatingservices.com/water-heating-ti...</a></p>
<p>Have Fun !</p>
<p>Great solar project. This is perfect for the renewable energy contest.</p>
<p>To make the<strong> reducer/adaptor - tube:</strong></p><p>Go to a DIY shop and buy small pieces of tube from different diameter from 10 mm up to 32 mm. Slide one into the other. Make sure they slide tight ! <strong>That's all.</strong></p>

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