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Introduction: Portable Solar Powered 220V Power Supply

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This Instructable show you to make a very simple,green and portable solar power supply. Can even be used for camping, blackout, home power source and more.
I am just a grade 6 students having concerns with the environment.
Some things might not be mentioned due to lack of time. I'm in school (grade 6)
I will always edit my Instructables weekly.

Like I always say "Everything starts with small things" so lets contribute to the environment.

-I have another 30W solar panel at the roof.
-If you see mistakes please inform me.
-If you want to add things inform me again.
-Please leave a comment.
-I wish i will get fetured.

Step 1: Materials and Parts Needed

The materials and part needed for the project. Dont include the black paper.

Step 2: Things You Might Want to Add or Modify

You can add or modify.
Notice: Every page will be edited weekly.
- 150W Inverter
-  Larger 12V Battery
-  Add Another Cigarette Lighter Plug
- Solar Panel

Step 3: Adding the Fan

Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or just simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the cooling fan.

Step 4: Adding the Plug

1.) Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the plug.
2.) Connect the plug to the outlet.

Step 5: Adding the Switch

1.) Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the switch.
2.) Connect a wire to the switch.

Step 6: Adding the Cigarette Lighter Plug

1.) Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the plug.
2.) Connect a wire to the plug.

Step 7: Put Everything in Place

Put everything in place but don't connect it yet.
You will connect it later on the next page.

Step 8: Adding the Solar Panel

Add the solar panels. You can use a large solar panel or just simply connect small solar panels in parallel. I bought mine somewhere far they hade a large sale because the store was closing.

Step 9: Schematic

The schematics.
I am using the ready made inverter not the one in the 2nd,3rd,4th schematic.

-Ready made inverter
-555 Inverter
-2N3055 Inverter
-CD4047 Inverter


-Add a desulfator to extend the battery's life.
-Instead of using a diode for trikle charging use a charge controler
I still cant find a charge controller here in the Philippines
Do you mind sujesting a schematic or the place to buy it here.

Step 10: Connect Everything Together

Connect everything together
Note: That the cigarette plug has not been added this time.

Step 11: Test It

I am using the 500w Inverter. With a extention cord.

Step 12: Your Done

Thanks for looking. look for more by "angelo10"



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    Here in the Philippines there a store called CD-R King you can find almost everything and it's cheep. -> http://www.cdrking.com.ph/ <- The 150W Inverter cost P650 ($13) The 500W Inverter cost P880 ($18) You can even buy a webcam with MIC for only P200 ($4)

    3 replies

    why you are using harbor freight solar panels???? you can use a more efficient solar panel... i recomend a mono crystaline solar panel... but its too expensive... i use 4 250 watt monocrystaline solar panel for my 500 Ah battery bank... o i forgot to say im only 14 year old to own that off grid solar system...

    Out of curiosity, can anyone purchase from that store, or only Philipinos? And you did a great job on this instructable, only being in the 6th grade says something about your future. Good luck to you.

    I think only Philippinoes only purchase at that store. A Philippino owns those store branches. Those stores are everywere i thnk there are about 300 of them here in our country. Its a heaven of gadgets.

    Connect it in parallel (+ to +) and (- to -). you might want to add a doide or a charge controller.

    1 reply

    you did not include any safety fuse...even you use a 4.5 Ah battery you still need a fuse before the main breaker switch...this prevents it from battery explosion and circuit malfunction...fuses available 1 to 60 amp fuse for 7.4 Ah battery 8amp fuse...

    please tell me how many solar cell or panels you use(with watt and volt of per panel or cell)?

    1 reply

    I used a total of 185 watts of solar panel all in all

    All schematics are 230v 150W.

    hello ,

    i just want to ask what's the use of the 150w inverter in the circuit...because in you diagram i never saw any output for that....thanks,,,your project is very useful specially in our country that is brown out stricken one...

    Thanks dude for everything. I really need this for my house because we always have blackout in our place at least now i can power the fans and lights here with a small box. How much did you buy for the two inverters. Good job, I love your projects

    Have you got a charging regualtor in it?

    dude pwede ba malaman kung anong specific na 12V battery na ginamit mo dito? bkit anlaki? hahahah

    1 reply

    ang tawag dyan sa ganyan na battery pre ay sealed lead acid battery..o mas kilala sa tawag na baterry pang motor

    add a schematics with charger controller

    bro, pwede mo b ako bentahan ng finish product mo? magkano po aabutin? tnx and more power sayo

    1 reply

    Hi ako rin pwede b makabili rin ng portable solar mo :)

    Couple of questons:

    Can I have a link to those batteries?

    How many watts of total power do your pannel(s) give out?

    What is the total cost of the project? (if you only were to use the 150w inverter?)

    Will a 200w inverter give me enough power to power low voltage landscape lights? (It will probably be a 6 light set.)

    How many amps does you setup give out with the 150w inverter?

    iApple guy

    1 reply