Picture of Portable Solar Powered 220V Power Supply
This Instructable show you to make a very simple,green and portable solar power supply. Can even be used for camping, blackout, home power source and more.
I am just a grade 6 students having concerns with the environment.
Some things might not be mentioned due to lack of time. I'm in school (grade 6)
I will always edit my Instructables weekly.

Like I always say "Everything starts with small things" so lets contribute to the environment.

-I have another 30W solar panel at the roof.
-If you see mistakes please inform me.
-If you want to add things inform me again.
-Please leave a comment.
-I wish i will get fetured.

Step 1: Materials And Parts Needed

Picture of Materials And Parts Needed
The materials and part needed for the project. Dont include the black paper.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
Here in the Philippines there a store called CD-R King you can find almost everything and it's cheep. -> http://www.cdrking.com.ph/ <- The 150W Inverter cost P650 ($13) The 500W Inverter cost P880 ($18) You can even buy a webcam with MIC for only P200 ($4)
why you are using harbor freight solar panels???? you can use a more efficient solar panel... i recomend a mono crystaline solar panel... but its too expensive... i use 4 250 watt monocrystaline solar panel for my 500 Ah battery bank... o i forgot to say im only 14 year old to own that off grid solar system...
Out of curiosity, can anyone purchase from that store, or only Philipinos? And you did a great job on this instructable, only being in the 6th grade says something about your future. Good luck to you.
ASCAS (author)  pmcampbell24 years ago
I think only Philippinoes only purchase at that store. A Philippino owns those store branches. Those stores are everywere i thnk there are about 300 of them here in our country. Its a heaven of gadgets.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
Connect it in parallel (+ to +) and (- to -). you might want to add a doide or a charge controller.
you did not include any safety fuse...even you use a 4.5 Ah battery you still need a fuse before the main breaker switch...this prevents it from battery explosion and circuit malfunction...fuses available 1 to 60 amp fuse for 7.4 Ah battery 8amp fuse...
aqueel1255 years ago
please tell me how many solar cell or panels you use(with watt and volt of per panel or cell)?
ASCAS (author)  aqueel1254 years ago
I used a total of 185 watts of solar panel all in all
ASCAS (author) 4 years ago
All schematics are 230v 150W.
wilmadan4 years ago
hello ,

i just want to ask what's the use of the 150w inverter in the circuit...because in you diagram i never saw any output for that....thanks,,,your project is very useful specially in our country that is brown out stricken one...
icekid5 years ago
Thanks dude for everything. I really need this for my house because we always have blackout in our place at least now i can power the fans and lights here with a small box. How much did you buy for the two inverters. Good job, I love your projects

dude pwede ba malaman kung anong specific na 12V battery na ginamit mo dito? bkit anlaki? hahahah

Dady BenexO1 month ago

add a schematics with charger controller

Dady BenexO1 month ago
jmoraleda3 years ago
bro, pwede mo b ako bentahan ng finish product mo? magkano po aabutin? tnx and more power sayo
Hi ako rin pwede b makabili rin ng portable solar mo :)
iApple guy3 years ago
Couple of questons:

Can I have a link to those batteries?

How many watts of total power do your pannel(s) give out?

What is the total cost of the project? (if you only were to use the 150w inverter?)

Will a 200w inverter give me enough power to power low voltage landscape lights? (It will probably be a 6 light set.)

How many amps does you setup give out with the 150w inverter?

iApple guy
20 Ah
DadhieMJ2 years ago
bro knu ngastos mo in total? :) nice pinoy maker ^^
ASCAS (author)  DadhieMJ2 years ago
About P2,000.00

Mura kasi sa CD-R King :)))
aquh gastos q nasa 30k pataas... buong bahay na napapa gana 24 hour non stop solar UPS.
Gelfling62 years ago
Nicely done, but the drawback, the 12V panel you show, I think is only rated at 1W.. which is only about 500mA.. a bare trickle for even just one of the sized gel cells.. I would look into a larger panel if possible.. the charge rate would never be high enough to match the draw/use rate of the inverter.. the one I built, uses a 5W panel (output of roughly 22V in direct sunlight, drops down to 12V in parallel with a 2000mAH gell cell, to a 400W inverter (120VAC) still, short term life.. Would also take a few days to get the gel cell up to snuff.. Otherwise, I'd be lucky to get more than 15 minutes run time.. (on a moderate 120W load on the inverter.) I do like the set-up, though! Seen similar for portable power for amateur radio set-ups for field day exercises! (couple of 1800aH gel cells in an old recycled ammo box, and a 15W panel, would keep the station running for a few hours.). Very good!
just use a 100 watt polycrystaline solar panel its cheaper than monocrystline... and a MPPT charge controler beacause it turns the extra voltage into usefull amps..
mlozano32 years ago
may ginawa din kasi akong ganyan pero nilagyan ko ng MPPT charge controller. bawas na ba ang kuryenteng pumapasok sa battery galing sa solar panels kasi ginagamit na ito ng cooling fan?
depende yan sa gamit mong cooling fan... the highest current draw is 500 mA
nayre9 months ago
Can u name all the materials needed including the wire. Tnx
ASCAS (author)  nayre9 months ago

I named them all in step#1 (image notes).

nayre9 months ago
Can u name all the materials needed including the wire. Tnx
nayre9 months ago
Can u name all the materials needed including the wire. Tnx
rahulreddy7779 months ago

hiii........my name is rahul........ur project nis nice........just i wanna suggestion from u can u email me (chat wid me) my email is rahultirumalasetti777@gmail.com

kelsey.compars10 months ago

That Is pretty cool that you made that yourself. I have been wondering about solar power and how it works. It would be awesome to have solar power portable for camping and such. http://www.purelysolar.com/For-Camping/Portable-Power

scigazer10 months ago

napakagaleng .. *thumbs up !! :D

scigazer10 months ago

napakagaleng .. *thumbsup! :)

Nithrolyx1 year ago
where did u use the led??
and 1k resistor.. newb here
nunong1 year ago

wow sikat ka na nabasa kita sa when in manila.. hehehehe!!!

boss magkanu inabot lht nito? saka anu kaya paganahin?

boss magkanu inabot lht nito? saka anu kaya paganahin?

boss magkanu inabot lht nito? saka anu kaya paganahin?

boss magkanu inabot lht nito? saka anu kaya paganahin?

boss mag kanu inabot lhat nito? ska anu napapagana?

boss mag kanu inabot lhat nito? ska anu napapagana?

ToMaCor1 year ago

I think CDRKing also has a Solar Charge Controller with low voltage disconnect to protect your battery from deep discharge.

the solar connect to what???? can u give the details of this project??....
ASCAS (author)  canonstillrock1 year ago

Did you read before commenting? [Step#9]

can u give me the statement problem, objective and scope project of this project?
can u give me the details and the introduction of this project?....
can u send the details at my mail?.... canonstillrock@gmail.com
metalix1 year ago
can you make a part list
eartillaga1 year ago
Dude, kailangan ba na may 150W at 500W power inverter????
ASCAS (author)  eartillaga1 year ago
Kaya dalawa yan, para kapag kailangan ko pa ng mas maraming kuriyente, may extra power pa ako.
What can you power with this and for how long??
nunong4 years ago
san ka nakabili ng solar panels? magkano? 30w each ba yun? ilang volts? ;)
ASCAS (author)  nunong4 years ago
Sa US to galing regalo ng tito ko. Pero may bago ako ngayon galing raon 60W, 12V nasa P200.00 isa.
souichi ASCAS2 years ago
Cas saan to? sa deeco ba?
ASCAS (author)  souichi2 years ago
CD-R king ksi :))
souichi ASCAS2 years ago
meron pa kaya?
ASCAS (author)  souichi2 years ago
oo P350 isang 150w na inverter
angellith ASCAS2 years ago
ang mura naman nyan san sa raon mo nabili?
nunong ASCAS4 years ago
ay asteeg yun brah... san sa raon? dami kasi electronic store dun eh. tinest mo na 60w talaga? gaano kalake?
malpha ii2 years ago
ciao Ascas,
for how much time you can get running the tv and the other device?

I'm planning to build a similar one but I want to use a secondary battery that is used only when the 1st is down and that is get charged from a solar panel that works also in the night by a led stripes :)
dagob3 years ago
You project looks promissing. It is a great project for a 13 years old guy. I like it.

But a few things bugs me:
You use your solar power bank to power up:
Question is: Powering up all those devices with that small power bank,how long does it last? 1/2 hour?

In the pictures I see You're using 8 small solar pannels, can you post their specs? 'Cos they look too small to me to charge such a battery to power up so many devices.

By the way thanks for sharing.
ASCAS (author)  dagob3 years ago
If you're powering all that, it would only last for about 30 minutes.

I only built this when I was 10 years old, that's when I realized that I was so naive, that my power supply drained more power than the charging power.

"This Is Only Ideal For 1-80w Loads (lasts for 4 hours or more)" anymore higher, the battery would drain faster"

ASCAS (author)  dagob3 years ago
- I don't power it all :))) but if you do, the battery will only last for 40 mins.
- I've made hundreds of circuits like a 2x100w MOSFET amp, active filters, NE555 Solar powered lamp, and etc. I would love to post my projects although taking pictures of it while constructing it would be a hassle. These are just my the simple ones I have, since you can just make it for a short period of time.
dagob ASCAS3 years ago
Thanks Angelo.Have you thought about adding a voltage meter in the box?
Schmidty163 years ago
how heavy is it and i think u made a mistake if u solered onto the battery it could be danerious plus if u fix it use aligaterclips plz tell me when or if u get it fixed
wai-ayo4 years ago
charge controller in sulit.com.ph
ASCAS (author)  wai-ayo4 years ago
pede :))
you need to fuse it definately car fuses cost £3 for 120 all lots of different ranges
that wire needs to be at least 15 awg unless you use relays
ASCAS (author) 4 years ago
Here in our country elecronic parts are very cheap because a lot of semi condotor companies are based here. For example 85Watt Solar Panel costs for about $4, 12V Plugs cost for 50 cents, Inverters cost forabout $6, 12V 9Amp batteries cost for about $12.
qwerty156 ASCAS4 years ago
That is definatley a typo.
85 Watts for $4?
ASCAS (author)  qwerty1564 years ago
if im correct yes it's true they sell solar panels here so cheaply. Even poor farmers have them in the Rural area
qwerty156 ASCAS4 years ago
A 85 Watt panel costs $200 in the us. What your are claiming is that your country is 50 times cheaper. If if costed that less, people would get it shipping from phillipines.

Get your facts right before posting
I dont think a 85 watt solar panel will cost $ 4...........the link given below shows that the price per watt(cost/watt) in ohillipines is around 150 pesos -220 pesos($3.3 - $ 5 ).....
so according to the above data 85 watts of solar panel should be = approximately ($4 * 85 = $340) which is almost double the price of a 85 watt solar panel available on ebay.com

the phillipine link ---> http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/classifieds+directory/q/solar+panels
can u pls tell me the name of the store from which u buy solar panel 85 Watt for $4 !!?
and if possible can u send me some solar panels.....i will pay their cost + shipping charges ?
Pls man if u can then pls do .....am in desperate need of these here a 85 watt cost $120-150
alpe_974 years ago
Im doing this same project sortof
alpe_974 years ago
How much do you think it weighs? Is the battery heavy?
nunong4 years ago
prices in sulit is quite expensive.. he's right. electronic parts in raon is cheaper. :)
Zerocool8184 years ago
just those solar panels wont cut it they are too little wattage you might want to consider mono crystaline panels just google them and im just beating you by one grade i did what you do in 4th grade ;)
Hi ,
I think you have decent kowledge about this stuff can u pls post me these specifications :-
1) battery (no. of batteries,voltage,wattage)
2)solar panel (minimum wattage of solar panel possible )

sahilverma4 years ago
What was your total cost including solar panels ?
sahilverma4 years ago
from where can i get these plugs?
sahilverma4 years ago
Man 185 Watt of solar panel is expensive !!!
I plan to make this for a science fair so what should be the minimum watt and volts of the solar panel in order to charge this or make this power......no constraint of time.......even if it take more than a day to charge !!!
But getting 185 W of solar panels is too expensive for me

pls respond.
sahilverma4 years ago
how many wats is each panel?
how many volts is each panel?
what are the number of panels used?
sahilverma4 years ago
can i use a 200watt inverter instead of 150 watt?
sahilverma4 years ago
from where can i get these plugs?
dinesh234 years ago
can u upload the charge control circuit
jhformosojr4 years ago
kabayan, mabuhay! i'm so proud of you, i.e., if you are really just 10years old - then it reminds me of myself when i was passionately in love with all that is electronics... we had Electronic Enthusiasts for our 'bible' and Alexan as well as Deeco to source our spare parts. how times change, you can already buy assembled gadgets at cdr-king. all you need to do is to figure out how to best apply these gadgets - just like what you did in this instructable. mabuhay! am just curious, where did you buy the solar panels? you mentioned they were closing out, but out of curiosity - may i know some details of the store? maraming salamat.
ASCAS (author)  jhformosojr4 years ago
hi thx po. pero sa US pa po ung store ng solar pannels. Sa New York, Oysterbay. Sorry po pero 2 years na po nag sara yun. pero tx po sa comment. Nag bebenta po sila noon ng 40 watts na solar pannel ng $40 o P2,000
dullawa5 years ago
I need a used small solar panal maybe 12 W . any one can give to me a solar panal? it is a lot of help to me. to bild a new invent . i havent mony to get a solar panal.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
Mine has about 4 amps, 12v, 12ah
jonty7895 years ago
What amps, volts and watts of that battery please
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
Yes. Exactly! Thats why I am working on a wind turbine.
aqueel1255 years ago
All of them are powered And time duration of usage after full charge till battery ends?
aqueel1255 years ago
And time duration of usage after full charge till battery ends?
aqueel1255 years ago
Who much time will it take to full charge?
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
All of them are powered except for the PS1,PS2 and PS3
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
It depend on your inverter mine can handle 500W minimum 1000W maximum
aqueel125 ASCAS5 years ago
it means all appliances mentioned in the above picture are powered with this power supply at a same time.
aqueel1255 years ago
can you use it with your PC ever or can it powered a PC?
aqueel1255 years ago
how many appliances do you use, powered with this power supply at same time? please tell the Watt or Volt of each appliance and also the time duration.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
Actually our house is full of circuit breakers (double switch "means two lines are disconnected when turned off) first we have the (main the biggest switch when turned off every switch turns off) then the (1st and 2nd floor switch when the 1st floor is turened off all switches ar turned off on the 1st floor) then the last switch (the room switch thats the one i turned off)
MikB ASCAS5 years ago
Thanks for the edit, now that's a much safer way to do it. (With the inverter powering an extention strip). Those circuit breakers are not intended to isolate a room so that you can feed power into the room through a wall socket!!! That was the dangerous bit.
MikB5 years ago
"What I just did is turned off our living room's main switch and connect the inverter to the wall outlet." DO NOT BACK FEED POWER INTO THE MAINS! What you did is potentially dangerous, even illegal in civilized countries. Don't copy this step! You should disconnect the loads from the wall, and plug them into the output of the inverter. Hacking an inverter or generator to feed power *into* any part of your building wiring is a really bad idea without the correct transfer switches, properly installed. You can't build these and guarantee their correct operation. Even if you could, you probably couldn't fit them legally. You run the risk of 1) the inverter seeing the real mains at it's input and failing, possibly catastrophically, and 2) if doing this during a power cut as an emergency backup, the risk of electrocuting a line-man. Of these two, one is very undesirable, and the other is very VERY undesirable. Don't say that "the power was isolated because I pulled the fuse out/flipped a circuit breaker", that doesn't cut it :) Only a proper disconnection and reconnection is acceptable, and the easiest way is to pull the devices out of the wall and replug them to the inverter.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
My battery has a capacity of 12AH but we have a large 12V car battery but thats for real emergency like the past 7 day blackout due to storm. We have a 30W solar panel at the roof, A 2W solar panel at the window and four 1W solar panels not in use
Nerdz5 years ago
A few cavets with the inverter schematics you posted. Their Not "true" Sine wave inverters. They put out a 120V Square wave (which, is a AC wave form but not a Sine). This *should* be fine for something like a charger but I cant say how good it will be for something like a TV . Secondly, How much does your solar panel put out? How "large" are your batteries (ie how much capacity do they have in Ah or mAh)? You can figure out how much time your batteries need to become fully charged by doing simple math: Battery Capacity / Solarpanel mA output (when charging and in full sun) will give you hrs. Once you have this number (will be hrs) you once again, divide by 6 hrs (assuming 6 hrs of full sunlight) to get the number of days till you reach full capacity