Portable Solar Powered 220V Power Supply





Introduction: Portable Solar Powered 220V Power Supply

This Instructable show you to make a very simple,green and portable solar power supply. Can even be used for camping, blackout, home power source and more.
I am just a grade 6 students having concerns with the environment.
Some things might not be mentioned due to lack of time. I'm in school (grade 6)
I will always edit my Instructables weekly.

Like I always say "Everything starts with small things" so lets contribute to the environment.

-I have another 30W solar panel at the roof.
-If you see mistakes please inform me.
-If you want to add things inform me again.
-Please leave a comment.
-I wish i will get fetured.

Step 1: Materials and Parts Needed

The materials and part needed for the project. Dont include the black paper.

Step 2: Things You Might Want to Add or Modify

You can add or modify.
Notice: Every page will be edited weekly.
- 150W Inverter
-  Larger 12V Battery
-  Add Another Cigarette Lighter Plug
- Solar Panel

Step 3: Adding the Fan

Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or just simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the cooling fan.

Step 4: Adding the Plug

1.) Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the plug.
2.) Connect the plug to the outlet.

Step 5: Adding the Switch

1.) Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the switch.
2.) Connect a wire to the switch.

Step 6: Adding the Cigarette Lighter Plug

1.) Use a soldering iron to melt the plastic or simply use a dremel to grind the plastic. Then glue the plug.
2.) Connect a wire to the plug.

Step 7: Put Everything in Place

Put everything in place but don't connect it yet.
You will connect it later on the next page.

Step 8: Adding the Solar Panel

Add the solar panels. You can use a large solar panel or just simply connect small solar panels in parallel. I bought mine somewhere far they hade a large sale because the store was closing.

Step 9: Schematic

The schematics.
I am using the ready made inverter not the one in the 2nd,3rd,4th schematic.

-Ready made inverter
-555 Inverter
-2N3055 Inverter
-CD4047 Inverter


-Add a desulfator to extend the battery's life.
-Instead of using a diode for trikle charging use a charge controler
I still cant find a charge controller here in the Philippines
Do you mind sujesting a schematic or the place to buy it here.

Step 10: Connect Everything Together

Connect everything together
Note: That the cigarette plug has not been added this time.

Step 11: Test It

I am using the 500w Inverter. With a extention cord.

Step 12: Your Done

Thanks for looking. look for more by "angelo10"



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    Here in the Philippines there a store called CD-R King you can find almost everything and it's cheep. -> http://www.cdrking.com.ph/ <- The 150W Inverter cost P650 ($13) The 500W Inverter cost P880 ($18) You can even buy a webcam with MIC for only P200 ($4)

    why you are using harbor freight solar panels???? you can use a more efficient solar panel... i recomend a mono crystaline solar panel... but its too expensive... i use 4 250 watt monocrystaline solar panel for my 500 Ah battery bank... o i forgot to say im only 14 year old to own that off grid solar system...

    Out of curiosity, can anyone purchase from that store, or only Philipinos? And you did a great job on this instructable, only being in the 6th grade says something about your future. Good luck to you.

    I think only Philippinoes only purchase at that store. A Philippino owns those store branches. Those stores are everywere i thnk there are about 300 of them here in our country. Its a heaven of gadgets.

    Connect it in parallel (+ to +) and (- to -). you might want to add a doide or a charge controller.

    you did not include any safety fuse...even you use a 4.5 Ah battery you still need a fuse before the main breaker switch...this prevents it from battery explosion and circuit malfunction...fuses available 1 to 60 amp fuse for 7.4 Ah battery 8amp fuse...

    please tell me how many solar cell or panels you use(with watt and volt of per panel or cell)?

    I used a total of 185 watts of solar panel all in all

    All schematics are 230v 150W.

    hello ,

    i just want to ask what's the use of the 150w inverter in the circuit...because in you diagram i never saw any output for that....thanks,,,your project is very useful specially in our country that is brown out stricken one...