Step 4: Observe Diagram

Picture of Observe Diagram
Look through the wiring diagram to see what components need to be connected to what prior to soldering. This is a modification of my LM386 instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/LM386-Audio-Amplifier/).
eescobar4 years ago
im new at this can anyone plzzzzz help me with the schematic
haaglm eescobar4 years ago
same here i have no idea
dan954 years ago
i have a problem with it: audio in the speaker has a lot of distortion when I turn up the volume of music player and I have to increase the voltage of the LM386 to eliminate distortion. Could you help?
cmai004 years ago
I made one but when I turn up the sound it don't work I remove the R1
cmai004 years ago
try to make a video
dale444434 years ago
Can you remove R4?
is the 10k resistor at R2 supposed to be 1k like in the parts list? or is it correctly labeled as 10k in the schematic?
krmartin3 (author)  fretwreckef945 years ago
It's 1K. I missed that.Thanks for catching it.
Sorry if my questions are repetitious but do these LEDs blink to the music?
krmartin3 (author)  fretwreckef945 years ago
No worries, the ones in this diagram don't very well, but if you put them in series instead of parallel at that spot they will throb to the music. I wanted to put them in series originally for this project but i accidentally soldered them in wrong, so i created the wiring diagram to match.