Portable Speaker From Useless SmartWatch





Introduction: Portable Speaker From Useless SmartWatch


I'm Kevin and I made this portable Bluetooth speaker based on a defective SmartWatch (I got it free).
Isn't very powerful like comercial BT speakers but is enough to enjoy your music with a reasonable volume.

Material we will need for this:

- A not-useful SmartWatch (or new if you want - around 20€)
- A speaker (scraped from broken USB speakers)
- A screwdriver (or a knife instead)
- A little box or rigid recipient to put all in

Ready? Let's go!

Step 1: Disassemble Your SWatch

It's important to know the following information before proceeding to do this speaker:

Your SWatch must have an integrated speaker, like U8 in my case. If do you have a SmartWatch without internal speaker (some Android Wear or sport SmartBands, for example) this won't work.

If all OK, continue:
"SmartWatch" word will be shorted as "SWatch"

- Unscrew the SWatch until you see the main board.

- Find speaker's cables. If do you have an U8 SWatch, "SPK" contacts are at left (battery facing up).

- If do you have a soldering iron, remove the original speaker and solder two cables.

If you can't solder, carefully cut speaker's cable. With a lighter, peel the cable attached to the board. Take your wires and do the same. Join the cables, put some insulating tape and prepare the casing.

I recommend to use thin cables (from broken head/earphones, for example) to mount the casing without problems. If the casing has an hole for the internal speaker, pass the wires trough it.

Now, mount the SWatch and follow the last step

Step 2: Setting Up

Put your SmartWatch into your speaker's recipient and connect the speaker to SWatch wires.

Now, turn it on, connect your phone and play your favourite music, videos or games. If you make traditional calls (Whatsapp calls doesn't work with this) you'll able to hear (and speak) the call trough your speaker.

My SmartWatch's battery has around 260mAh, and at full volume it usually lasts 1 hour. I'm going to connect a 1200mAh battery (from a old phone) but I don't have a solder.

Hope you enjoyed this!



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    Battery duration improved!
    Before: 270mAh = 1 hour of music at max. volume
    Now: 1300mAh = +4 hours of music? (theoretically)

    Real duration (average):

    9 sep (almost midnight) - 13 sep (afternoon)

    ± 1h of use per day with ±65% volume