Portable Speaker With Bluetooth





Introduction: Portable Speaker With Bluetooth

Pretty simple speaker, very good battery life, build in bluetooth.

It's assembled with

  • laser cut 4mm plywood (31cm x 8cm x 8cm)
  • 4x 2" drivers from small notebook speakers (EARISE AL-101, they are surprisingly good)
  • 2x 18650 3000mah
  • TP4056 charger with cell protection
  • bluetooth module
  • 3.5mm female jack
  • basic on/off switch
  • 2x 3W*2 class D amplifier (pam8403)
  • optional: 2x step-up(boost) voltage converter

Step 1: Box

The plywood was cut with "tooth" shapes so it's easier to glue. Heat from the laser bend it a litte.

Apply glue to every panel except top or back and put it together

Step 2: Back Panel..

I forgot about holes on back panel and had to improvise a little. Drill and wood file ftw.

Step 3: Back Panel

Hot glued switch, jack, TP4056 charger (I added a heatsink), pay attention to that little hole next to it and hot glue on charger LEDs, it will lead light to this hole and indicate if battery is charged or not :).

Hole one the left is on/off switch of BT module covered with wood.

Step 4: Wiring

I used a cheap bluetooth module with on/off button and jack output, so you can use it as bluetooth speaker or just as aux speaker when BT is off.

If you want a better module i recommend CSR6035/CSR6045 module (~7$ on aliexpress) but you have to figure the wiring on your own ;). http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bluetooth-4-0-Stere...

The PAM8403 amplifier is small, powerful,power efficent... and costs nothing


Charger - it's important to use TP4056 WITH cell protection, so they are safe from over discharge


Capacitors that I used may be too big/useless but it's good to have one than not having it at all :D.

optional: to achieve better sound quality on higher volumes put an voltage converter (from 3.0-4.2 to. 5.0v-5.5v) before amplifier (one converter for one amp), most of the bluetooth modules uses 3-4.2v so leave it straight to battery. And you should use batteries with bigger capacity/more of batteries connected in-parallel.

(this one is nice, with 2A current) http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2pc-DC-Boost-conver...

Step 5: Soundproof the Box

Last thing, fill box with wadding or something similar. In my case it's organic cotton (don't use viscose).

Step 6: Batterylife

Cells are from disassembled 6000mah powerbank (kinda doubt they're 3000mah each).

On max volume with aux (BT off) it was playing music for over 8 hours and probably could make another 5 hours if not more.

You can finish the look with lacquer, veneer or leave as it is, looks quite nice ;).

Step 7: CAD Project

Here's my CAD project for 4mm plywood



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    20 Discussions

    Hii there , do we need 2 seperate 5v step up for each amplifier? Will there be any power shortage if both the amplifiers are connected in parallel to one step up module?


    2 years ago

    im thinking of making a bluetooth speaker but i need some help, can the charger support 4 batteries? and im thinking to buy 2 2*3w amp and 1 bluetooth, if the bluetooth is 5v do i need a step up converter ? and if the amps are 5v do i need a step up converter? sorry for bad english

    which bluetooth module did you use


    2 years ago

    Gorgeous! Good job


    2 years ago

    Hello, could you please tell me ? When you turn on bluetooth does it turn off the audio IN jack? If it doesn't wouldn't it be a problem because if you tried to coonnect the aux to a device and bluetooth to another device wouldn't the sound "confilct" because bluetooth isnt turned off vice versa?

    3 replies

    If you use more advanced bluetooth module like CSR8635 you can put AUX directly to it - so if you plug jack in, it would play from aux not from bluetooth. Also you have possibility to put there physical buttons like play, pause or even a microphone for calls.

    Yes it would be a problem, it's simply connected bluetooth and aux to same channel without any weird circuit so it can only play one thing.

    Don't know why would you plug two sources into speaker, it's meant to be portable not connected to PC or something.


    2 years ago

    I found a pair of Phillips 8 ohm speakers. I dont know other specifications about it so which amplifier to use. Kindly help

    1 reply

    What amplifier you use is not as important as not overdriving the amplifier. It takes very little distortion to blow out speakers.

    If you are happy with just having noise (music, sound) you can probably get away with 2 to 5 Watts/channel or less.

    Since I really want to blast the neighborhood (not really, but I like to have a powerful system in my vehicle), I found a 100 W/channel class 'D' stereo amplifier which runs on anything from 12 to 26 Volts DC online for $12.77 USD including shipping from eBay (TPA3116 Dual channel audio amplifier). It cost more for a power supply (a 24 V switch-mode model for LED strip lights for $24 USD) than it did for the amp which I won't even be using when I install it in my van.

    There is also a Bluetooth TDA7492P 50 W/channel amplifier on eBay for $11.69. It also runs on anything from 12 to 26 VDC.

    Both of these units are very small: less than 5 inches long and they output power as advertised.

    I hope this helps.

    box 8$, bluetooth 5$, batteries 4$, speakers (with amplifiers from them) 15$ = 32$

    Where did you find the speakers so cheap? They are at least $11.50 each niow.

    how much loud the sound is for this speaker

    Great wireless speaker!

    Did you fill it up completely with cotton?

    1 reply

    This is a great looking speaker set up. Really like the way it turned out!