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This Instructable is for a quick and easy portable speaker made from an old headset and a film canister.

While the sound level that comes from a speaker headset is not exceptional (as it is designed to be next to your ear), they still make for a good little speaker for an old iPod or mp3 player without its own speaker.

The speaker fits easily in your pocket and is a nice little companion for your iPod or mp3 player on those days out and about.

Step 1: Collect The Parts and Tools

Picture of Collect The Parts and Tools
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Parts Used:

1x Headset (I used one out of a phone headset which also had a microphone)
1x Film Canister

Tools Used:

Dremel / rotary cutting tool (or you could use a hand saw if you have neither of the before mentioned)
Selleys Knead It multi-purpose putty (or similar) OR bluetak

BlakeB17 months ago

is this,.. a Joke...... a speaker in a headset has not enough to produce a loud volume,.,,,,,,,,, Tsk,,,,,, Epic,,,,,,, Nice try.......

KR-S (author)  BlakeB15 months ago

Thanks for the encouragement mate... Being a great help to the maker community.

The device is not trying to be a high powered speaker. It is trying to be a durable and portable speaker that will give sound capabilities to older devices such as iPod's etc. Anything is better than nothing in this case.

People are free to adapt on this project and put in higher powered speakers if they like.

James Maring7 months ago

Cool! Can I use an altoids tin rather than the little plastic canister?

KR-S (author)  James Maring5 months ago

Sure! You can use anything that will fit your chosen speaker!