This Instructable is for a quick and easy portable speaker made from an old headset and a film canister.

While the sound level that comes from a speaker headset is not exceptional (as it is designed to be next to your ear), they still make for a good little speaker for an old iPod or mp3 player without its own speaker.

The speaker fits easily in your pocket and is a nice little companion for your iPod or mp3 player on those days out and about.

Step 1: Collect the Parts and Tools

Parts Used:

1x Headset (I used one out of a phone headset which also had a microphone)
1x Film Canister

Tools Used:

Dremel / rotary cutting tool (or you could use a hand saw if you have neither of the before mentioned)
Selleys Knead It multi-purpose putty (or similar) OR bluetak

<p>is this,.. a Joke...... a speaker in a headset has not enough to produce a loud volume,.,,,,,,,,, Tsk,,,,,, Epic,,,,,,, Nice try.......</p>
I m agreed with u <br>
<p>Thanks for the encouragement mate... Being a great help to the maker community.<br><br>The device is not trying to be a high powered speaker. It is trying to be a durable and portable speaker that will give sound capabilities to older devices such as iPod's etc. Anything is better than nothing in this case. <br><br>People are free to adapt on this project and put in higher powered speakers if they like.</p>
<p>Cool! Can I use an altoids tin rather than the little plastic canister?</p>
<p>Sure! You can use anything that will fit your chosen speaker!<br><br></p>

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