Picture of Portable Speakers for ipod or DS

I needed something louder than my ds speakers so I made this. this is my first slideshow instructable
david9902 years ago
hy, are those aaa or aa batteries?
tutdude983 years ago
nice you can add some light :D Maybe 1-2 blue leds
T_T_ (author)  tutdude983 years ago
I could, but this has long been disassembled
radiorahim5 years ago
Cool. How did you make the amp, or where did you get it from? Do you know which chip it is based on?
T_T_ (author)  radiorahim5 years ago
they came from a pair of Cyber Acoustics (CA) speakers. the speakers were usb powered so they required 5v. I looked at the chip and wrote everything down D2822A DF 17 II