Step 3: Attching the components

Picture of Attching the components
Watch the polarity when putting in the components, especially the regulator, or it will get very hot and burn out.

*BEFORE plugging in your USB device to this charger, test the charger's output using a multimeter. Hookup the 9-volt battery and measure voltage output, it should be between 4.8-volts to 5.2 volts.

*If the black light comes on when you plug the iPod into the charger, that means the charger is working correctly, and if the black light doesn't come on after 3 seconds, remove the iPod from the charger immediately, and recheck your charger for shorting or incorrect polarity.

*If you double checked the output and still no luck, try attaching a resistor bank described in the comments below to the data lines.
I suspect this pinout is wrong! because it caused my phone to reboot! and looking at this website
clearly the polarity is swapped! and when i did try swapping them my phone didn't charge but didn't reboot either! so i guess i need to try the resistor to data line method!
Agreed, I mistakenly used the above image as a reference and when testing my usb charger the polarity was wrong. I've reversed the wiring in line with pinouts.ws/usb-pinout.html.
did this it works just great