Step 4: The Printed Circuit board

Picture of The Printed Circuit board
PCB diagram.JPG
The first picture is the circuit that is to be etched onto the PCB, the second picture shows where everything should go.

*Your looking at the side with the copper foil, so watch the polarity when putting in the components
steven676 years ago
I dont really want to etch a board or drill holes is three any other option

Long time, I know but if I don't have a board to play with, I solder everything and use hot glue to make sure everything is isolated. Hardly a final product but it gets some use as I learn.

thpe5 years ago
As chrisstoll said, the middle pin of the voltage regulator is supposed to be connected to ground (negative), and the others are input and output (posotive).
dash245 years ago

very wrong????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrisstoll6 years ago
Isn't the inside connector on the voltage regulator ground? And not the outside one as shown in the diagram?
shindvs8 years ago
what do with data lead because i try one similar with car mobile charger out put voltage coming 7 volt do we limit voltage arruond 5 volt. and need data lead any resistor required? Vijay Shinde
princesmay9 years ago
i hope u can add some features...and post another interfacing using usb
kyle9109 years ago
how do you wire everything???
Dark9 years ago
Would you mind doing a more detailed walkthrough, and maybe adding more pictures to guide us.