Step 8: PVC Solo Cup Dispenser.

I looked and looked online but alas could not find anything that dispensed Solo Cups.

So I spent 10 bucks ish and solved the world wide problem!

I used a rubber gasket sheet from the plumbing department as the holder in / resistant cup dispensing area thing.

Then I used one of those circle-screw-it-to-get-it-tighter circle metal things, also plumbing department. (I know ya'll will help me out with my vocabulary, but I'm a self taught inventor that learned from going to hobby shops and practically living at Lowe's.)

I used 2 "T" mounts (put 3 circle metal things on the PVC, 1 is for the gasket, the other 2 you slide the "T" mounts through and tightennnnnn, then use the "T" mounts to attach it to the side of the bar. Easy-peasy-japanesey.

<p>So good! Where have you taken it?</p>
<p>I built it in Florida over Winter break, then drove it back up to Philadelphia where I go to school. It's set up in our Fraternity house, though we might take it to some tailgate parties, not sure yet though.</p>
<p>Ya'll are allowed to comment. I'm looking forward to inquiries.</p>

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