Step 8: Assemble Your Handle and Strap

Take the webbing and cut in two equal pieces.
Cut one in half again burn the cut edges to seal them with a lighter and stitch these to a black clip buckle, and reinforce with a few more stitches.
From the other length make a suitcase type strap by attaching ends to the other buckle.
I love this! thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
too bad we haven't got a place to picnic around here.
you can have a picnic anywhere. You have right to public space. Maybe - a rooftop, think base-jumping without the jump or a street parking spot.
My roof is slanted and there is no street parking spots. Sorry to be pessimistic but, there just isn't anywhere to have a picnic in my town.
Hey this is cool ! you are featured in the top 10 summer instructables :P wont the lights just attract flies in the dark?
hey thanks no bugs the light isn't so bright. this might be going into production soon! no need to DIY :(, but yay! I'll keep y'all posted.
Oh ok cool, Look forward to seeing it !!
Um...looks cool, but won't it attract alot of bugs, using it at night?
nope, been tested no bugs flock, but the people do!
You eat in the dark, then?
yep, dining in the near dark is just as fun as dining in the pitch dark.
:P aah times chaging, led's for candles ; ) but the wind cant blow 'em off looks nice ; )
I really love it when sewing and technology are done together. It's like an old and new being melded thing. Also, I could just get regular plexi and hit it with some 1200 sand paper to get it to defuse, no? instead of getting the milk plex
Yeah me too. I actually tried sanded plex on this project, but the milk provided more diffusion, it just looked better.
It's diffuse. Defuse refers to a bomb. However, that might work.
Kewl. When I saw this, I had ideas for a different sort of thing using tiny surface mount LEDs and ultra flexible tracks all sealed inside two sheets of vinyl. You could then lay a semi translucent rug on top of it. This is the sort of thing people all over the world working on it, shows how many problems there are with it. Mainly to do with the sealing of it and the conductive tracks. Usually they talk about the whole thing being washable but if you had a rug / blanket on top and sealed it in vinyl I don't think that would be an issue. No I'm not going to build one, go ahead and steal my idea, y'all.
Forte ! (That is: neat !) Ciao
This is the Mutts Nuts! We picnic, BBQ and practically live in the garden no matter what the weather is like. This will go great under the gazebo! Many thanks for sharing.
You should try to integrate <a rel="nofollow" href="http://heim.ifi.uio.no/haakoh/avr/">this project</a> into the center! Good job on the instructable!<br/>
Yeah, trust me, I thought about it. But really, I didn't want to distract the other movie folks. For the non-movie 2.0 version, we'll have bluetooth patterning!
Great job! This is sweet!
Wow, awesome. Very romantic. I'm thinking about trying this, but slightly different. A larger table area and built in pillows so you can lay down.

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