Picture of Portable Weighted Companion Cube
This is an Instructable on how to make a little Weighted Companion Cube that you can carry around with you. 

Now you can inconspicuously carry around your own Weighted Companion Cube for any time that you may feel alone or lonely.

The Weighted Companion Cube is ESPECIALLY great for people who don't have anyone to share Valentines day with.  The Companion Cube is a perfect and loyal friend.

When your done, not only will you feel satisfied with your accomplishment, but you will have a new best friend that WILL NEVER STAB YOU.

Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
The most important thing you will need to make you Companion Cube is clay.

I prefer to use sculpey clay.

for my instructable I used:

- Black clay
- White clay
- Pink clay

I bought my clay on sale so it was only about 5 dollars but the general cost should be around 7 or 8 dollars if you need to buy new clay.  The good news is that you will have leftover clay when all said and done.  probably enough to make a couple more cubes (depending on how large you make yours). My cubes are a little bigger than a dice.

I like Black and White because they give you more bang for your buck. But if you want to speed up the process you can buy Gray instead of Black.  you will just use the gray for the body of the cube, and gray mixed with white for the edges of the cube.

some things that will help you make your cube are:

- A hard surface to work on with a smooth surface so the clay doesn't stick
- An Exacto knife (or any other sharp skinny knife) if you want to cut or manipulate the clay in a more finite manner.
- Access to an Oven.  A must.


derekdef342 years ago
Guess who's going to the store tomorrow?
amandaggogo3 years ago
I love this, and will most likely be making one, since I am, after all, Still Alive.
Question though. Can the companion cube make cake? Because I was once promised cake, and, it was a lie. :0(

cloudyerout (author)  amandaggogo3 years ago
:D mine won't make cake but it makes wicked pasta.
does the compainion cube have a tendancy to fall apart ; or is it pretty solid.
if i dropped it; would i lose my most loyal friend?
cloudyerout (author)  rangerjoseph3 years ago
I have had mine for a while and its still all together. If you do a goodjob bonding the pieces before you cook them there should be no problem keeping it together :)
I actually made two dice sized companion cubes and attached earring hooks to the. They look really cool!

cloudyerout (author)  BunnyLover10193 years ago
:) that sounds so super cute :P
-disclaimer add on: if your companion cube stabs you, it's your fault.
so long as you're still alive, you can sue GLaDOS!
mmcpherson45 years ago
hmm.. putting a companion cube in a furnace sounds familar.. ;)
All Aperature Science equipment can withstand temperatures of up to 4000 Kelvin.
O.o Never again... never again... never again... *gentle rocking*

Yeah... i played the game last about a month ago...and im still sad too...espesially since the Companion Cube was more loyal to me than my nintendogs...*crawls to a corner and cries like an emo*
cloudyerout (author)  mmcpherson45 years ago
This is for the good of the Companion Cube - I swear.  GlaDOS is nowhere to be found.
but she is "still alive" ........
cloudyerout (author)  mmcpherson45 years ago
Never said she wasn't :)
spricer9884 years ago
the second pic looks like a ying yang
MrMystery965 years ago
GRRRR... I shall beat in this contest yet. I've the perfect plan...
cloudyerout (author)  MrMystery965 years ago
you entered this into the valentine's contest. Thus I have to plot on how to dominate the contest. leading to my victory. Oh, and I like how this 'ible played out. good job.
cloudyerout (author)  MrMystery965 years ago
Thanks :) have you checked out the one with the octopi tentacle heart?

It's really cool :)
while I agree, I now need a completely new approach to win this... I want the fancy chocolate!
cloudyerout (author)  MrMystery965 years ago
Ok - Best of luck to you then
that heart was really cool!, i tried to make it out of playdough.... it kinda worked...
can i make it have a hole to put a muffin in there but hide it from my little cousin (shes a srs muffin/cupcake addict)
afrocat5 years ago
 Amazing!  I will definitely need to make this.  Thankyousomuch.
 Pic 3 looks like a cow... MOOOOOOOO XD
Awww! Cute! I love the companion cube....until it dies...no good.  Ooh, funny stuff, check out "a day in the life of a turret" on youtube! Funny stuff!
cloudyerout (author)  mistresscroft695 years ago
I just watched it and i thought it was boss.

cracked me up :)
"Yes, I would insert my floppy in to her disk drives"

LMAO, good times!
yeah... I watched it too... "do you ever wonder...will there be...cake" "Oh no. not this again...how can this day get any worse?" *portal opens* "well do think there will be....cake" " f*ck you " *turrets die*