Step 10: Assembly - Step NINE

Picture of Assembly - Step NINE

Now that you have 26 tiny little pieces chilling - it's time to attach them to your Cube.

First, it is prudent to start with the corner and edge pieces.

Place each corner piece on the corners of the cube, with the center of the triangle tips lined up with the edges of the cube and the middle of the triangle where the tip of the cube is.

After you have laid all 8 edge pieces it is time to move on to the rectangular pieces.

Place each of these pieces in between the edge pieces with a little bit of space between each corner piece.

After you have laid all 12 rectangular pieces it is time for the final step, placing the hearts.

Place each of the circular heart pieces in the middle of the pink plus sign.

After you've got that finished-

BAM - YOUR DONE... building your Cube.