Step 11: Cook the Cube - Step TEN

Picture of Cook the Cube - Step TEN
Place your Companion Cube into the oven for thirty minutes at 275 Degrees.

This will ensure that your Companion cube will not get squished into an unidentifiable mound of clay after all of your hard work.

Remember that when your Cube is done cooking - IT WILL BE HOT.

Just be careful because the clay stays warm for a while after it has been cooked.

mmcpherson45 years ago
hmm.. putting a companion cube in a furnace sounds familar.. ;)
All Aperature Science equipment can withstand temperatures of up to 4000 Kelvin.
cloudyerout (author)  mmcpherson45 years ago
This is for the good of the Companion Cube - I swear.  GlaDOS is nowhere to be found.
but she is "still alive" ........
O.o Never again... never again... never again... *gentle rocking*