Step 12: Cherish Your Weighted Companion Cube - Step FOREVER

Picture of Cherish Your Weighted Companion Cube - Step FOREVER
LOVE YOUR COMPANION CUBE, not like it's hard.

Relish it's company and keep it handy. 

That is what it's for.


I didn't invent the Weighted Companion Cube, the genius's at Valve did :)

If you hurt yourself, it's not my fault.  It's also not the fault of your Companion Cube.  It's your fault.

amandaggogo3 years ago
I love this, and will most likely be making one, since I am, after all, Still Alive.
Question though. Can the companion cube make cake? Because I was once promised cake, and, it was a lie. :0(

cloudyerout (author)  amandaggogo3 years ago
:D mine won't make cake but it makes wicked pasta.
does the compainion cube have a tendancy to fall apart ; or is it pretty solid.
if i dropped it; would i lose my most loyal friend?
cloudyerout (author)  rangerjoseph3 years ago
I have had mine for a while and its still all together. If you do a goodjob bonding the pieces before you cook them there should be no problem keeping it together :)
-disclaimer add on: if your companion cube stabs you, it's your fault.
so long as you're still alive, you can sue GLaDOS!