Step 2: Step 2: Cut the wood Joist

Picture of Step 2: Cut the wood Joist
Wood joist are very strong planks of wood designed for use as ceiling support beams in houses and are available at most home improvement and hardware stores.  Use precautions when handling these beams as they do tend to cause severe splinters.  Use gloves whenever handling these beams.

After determining the length required for the ramp, use a tape measure to mark this length on the beam.  These beams are typically very long, and as you should not use this ramp for ascending more than three stairs, in most circumstances a single beam cut in half is adequate for making the ramp.  Make sure the joist is secured before cutting. Use protective eye goggles and follow other safety measures when cutting wood with saw.  Cut the beam to desired length.

Use a Triangle ruler to mark a straight line to cut the board at a 90 degree angle from the length of the board.