Step 4: Step 4: Reducing the edge of the board.

On the edge of the board that rest on the top step, there will be a short ledge which the wheelchair will have to ride over.  To reduce this ledge and reduce the chance of the board slipping, screw to this edge of the board with four screws a short piece of metal with a slight bend on each of the ramps as shown.  For the boards shown, a scrap piece of metal was used.  You may also use two rectangular pieces of metal approximately the width of the joist and about 6" in length.  This will allow the wheelchair to drive easily over this ledge and reduce the chance of the board slipping.

Optional: The lip of the ramp in some occasions may be too great for some wheelchairs to get over.  If this is the case, you will want to add a short piece of metal to this end of the ramp as well to make the ledge flatter for the wheels of the chair to get over.  For this, you will need a sheet of thin metal cut the width of the wood joist and approximately 6" in length.  After cutting the metal, drill through the metal and the joist to screw the metal to the end of the ramp.  (Note: be careful when carrying these ramps as the metal end may be sharp)

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