Picture of Portable Work Benches
There comes a time in everybody's life where they just want to build or destroy something. It happens to all of us, or at least all the folks who visit this site. Alas, there is one small glitch in my "BUILD AWESOME THINGS" plan. I live in a rental property.

I have fed my addiction (yes, I have an issue) by working on other people's projects, including a pergola for Spa, renovating a garage to a home office, to name a few. Until I had a brainwave. A portable work bench.

So I sat a did some VERY rough sketches to flesh out my idea and to see roughly what I would need.

I then jumped onto my computer, and sparked up a good program called "Sketch Up" - free from google. The program was recommended to me by a designer friend, and after a few hours (or 10) I had a rather pleasing blueprint for what I was going to create.

And here is the finished product!

Wait... I'm getting ahead of myself here. First I realised the very first thing I would need. A VERY NICE SAW! So I tripped to my local hardware store for a shopping spree.
vonPongrac2 years ago
Good job! I do want to build one now.
joelhunn2 years ago
Very nice benches, and very nice looking! I have been pondering ways of doing essentially the same thing myself; I like your approach. Thanks!