Picture of Portable Workshop/ HomeMade Workshop

I was inspired to do this because my dad said I couldn't make a workshop in
the back yard so instead I decided to make my own portable workshop


Sheet of plywood

Mini Door Hinges

Nails( or Screws)

9 volt battery


Plastic shield

Light source

Door Knobs





Hot glue gun

Measuring Tape

Soldering Gun


Power Saw

Step 1: Mark Out The Wood

Picture of Mark Out The Wood

Here, you have a template I made that you can use to help you know what your

Take your measuring tape and mark it according to the sizes in the blueprint.

Also as you can see I have extension poles and wheels, originally, I wanted it to have height so I can work while standing or without putting it on top of something


Now I hope that your father will allow you to build a small shop in your backyard !

Zblaster (author)  vincent75201 year ago

I hope so to.

Chemg201 year ago

Nice job. I don't comment a lot but it's great to see someone so young doing this. You got my vote.

Zblaster (author)  Chemg201 year ago
johng6521 year ago
You are 14? Keep up the good work. Study hard. Become the next Steve Jobs. Nice design. Wish I could have done what you do at your age. Next contest you enter with something like this... You get my vote.
Zblaster (author)  johng6521 year ago

Thanks. I actually entered the portable Contest recently with this.