I was inspired to do this because my dad said I couldn't make a workshop in
the back yard so instead I decided to make my own portable workshop


Sheet of plywood

Mini Door Hinges

Nails( or Screws)

9 volt battery


Plastic shield

Light source

Door Knobs





Hot glue gun

Measuring Tape

Soldering Gun


Power Saw

Step 1: Mark Out the Wood

Here, you have a template I made that you can use to help you know what your

Take your measuring tape and mark it according to the sizes in the blueprint.

Also as you can see I have extension poles and wheels, originally, I wanted it to have height so I can work while standing or without putting it on top of something

<p>Now I hope that your father will allow you to build a small shop in your backyard ! </p>
<p>I hope so to.</p>
<p>Nice job. I don't comment a lot but it's great to see someone so young doing this. You got my vote.</p>
You are 14? Keep up the good work. Study hard. Become the next Steve Jobs. Nice design. Wish I could have done what you do at your age. Next contest you enter with something like this... You get my vote.
<p>Thanks. I actually entered the portable Contest recently with this.</p>

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