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Hi! This is my first instructable, I don't have pictures right from the start because I never thought about making an Instructable for it, and decided to do it when I had finished it. Nevertheless I'll try to explain everything. This is my take at doing a portable workspace using a PC Case.

BTW My english could need some polishing, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistake. (I'm from Mexico)

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

  • A Desktop computer case
  • Your tools
  • A power strip
  • Any other thing you might want to take with you

    In my specific case (since I am an electronics student) I used:
  • The PC Case
  • Pliers, cable cutter, breadboard and multimeter (last one not shown 'cause I didn't have it with me at the time)
  • Satellite radio (I love to work and listen to the radio at the same time)
  • Power strip
  • Soldering Iron and its base (I took the base and the screw with the wing nut from a soldering iron stand I bought at my local electronics shop, around $3 dollars)
  • Speaker (Portable BT speaker w/ aux in for the sake of simplicity and time)

Step 2: Assemble Everything Together!

After you've chosen a suitable PC Case (In my case I had a small one, perfect to fit all I would every take with me) you'll want to assemble everything together.

Step 3: Satellite Radio Install

The first thing I did install was the SatRadio. Why? Because It's a hell of a mess to manage those long cables and if I did it last I would likely ruin something else, or just run out of space pretty quick. I've placed mine where the CD Drive would sit before.

Start by the antenna, since you'll need to place it somewhere clean (with no other wires making a mess) route the really long cable and organize it with zip ties.

Then secure the dock where your radio will sit, again, secure it with zip ties.

Connect everything and later on, organize the cables with, wait for it, zip ties.

Just one more thing, you'll want to put something in front o the SatRadio to protect it against scratches, debris and other stuff, just use some acrylic (in my case and because of the hurry, packaging plastic)
To operate it, I just use the remote.

Step 4: Soldering Iron Base

This is pretty straightforward, just use the screw and wing nut to attach the soldering iron holder to teh pc case through one of the holes in the front. To store it inside just reverse it.

Step 5: Power Strip

Just put it on the back side of the case, connect everything to it and stick the main cable out, either through a existing hole or drilling one yourself.

Step 6: Something I Did Not Do

Put organizers inside to hold your tools (pliers, etc). I did not do it yet, my drill is broken.

Step 7: Done!

To carry it: Just put the lids back on and take it with you :)

Just a couple improvements you can do on your own (I did not do themsince I dont have the tools required to make 'em at the time of writing):

Put organizers inside, mounted on the metal inside
Paint it to your liking
Put a handle on top (there are instructables available for your inspiration)
Mount internal speakers
Put acrylic in front of the SatRadio to protect it

If you come up with another improvement I didn't mention, please leave it in the comments! :D

Enjoy! Hope you liked it :D



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another idea would be to attach the side panels with hinges and a permanent handle on top. wjatever you do, I suggest keeping it simple so it doesn't get messy easily. especially if you are in a hurry... keep sharing ideas and you will always insire others... thanks

2 replies

I'll definitely do that, a friend's gonna lend me a drill in a little while for me to add more features :)

spelling... whatever and inspire... oops.

I just got my computer case cleaned
off to make it pretty

I like it. Thank you for this instructable

I like it!

I love it ! What about adding an internal light system

1 reply

Glad to know so! I'm planning to do so, I have yet to go to my local electronics strore and buy a white LED strip then just simply connect it to a 12v PS (likely a wall wart) and lastly paste it to the top or on strategic locations (the strip I usually buy has adhesive on the back)


Great first Instructable, Jorghe1025. Keep up the good work!

1 reply

Thanks! Hopefully there's more to come :)

Thanks! I'm glad you think so :D

good job! another idea would be to put magnets on the vertical motherboard base and stick your tools on. IF you don't mind magnetizing them...

2 replies

I'd advise against that except for a set of screwdrivers. In electronics you really want to keep your tools from magnets or they'll start sticking to everything.

Awesome idea! Never thought of it