This is the part 2 of building compressor cart.

Step 1: Design Concept

The purpose of project is to design a usable work surface using an existing fairly heavy structure of the compressor cart as a base, and the work table should then become a modular work table system where multiple tools can be set up in a small space.

This design is different from my previous Multi-functional workbench. The application of MFWB is to handle bigger projects / medium duty work, where the work will take days or weeks to complete - kind of like the semi-permanent set-up; the portable worktable in the other hand is build for light duty work in a small area, or a small garage workshop where all the tools have to be put away at the end of a day.

In this regard, the base of this portable work table will be a 2'x4' work surface, that can be expended to a 2'x8' or a 2'x12', and a 4'x6' with additional frame work or cutting support; and a 4'x8' in the future when the toolbox cart finalized.

I like it.
That is excellent! Very smart. :D

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