Picture of Portable Worktable Using Compressor Cart

This is the part 2 of building compressor cart.

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Step 1: Design Concept

Picture of Design Concept

The purpose of project is to design a usable work surface using an existing fairly heavy structure of the compressor cart as a base, and the work table should then become a modular work table system where multiple tools can be set up in a small space.

This design is different from my previous Multi-functional workbench. The application of MFWB is to handle bigger projects / medium duty work, where the work will take days or weeks to complete - kind of like the semi-permanent set-up; the portable worktable in the other hand is build for light duty work in a small area, or a small garage workshop where all the tools have to be put away at the end of a day.

In this regard, the base of this portable work table will be a 2'x4' work surface, that can be expended to a 2'x8' or a 2'x12', and a 4'x6' with additional frame work or cutting support; and a 4'x8' in the future when the toolbox cart finalized.

Step 2: Table Top

Picture of Table Top

The table top was a little time consuming. It had a piece of ½” 2’x4’ plywood and a same size ¾”x2” frame. ¾” holes were drilled on the top after frame assembly completed, so the work piece can be clamped anywhere on the surface. Festool, Makita, DeWalt and now Grizzly all make these special clamps.

Frame was half-lapped, glued and nailed together to create stronger joints. Table saw or router can do a great job for this, but I chose to have a quiet dust free night with the old fashion handsaw, hammer and chisels to finish the job.

Plywood top was then screw on the frame from the bottom side.

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