Make your own, cheap, portable advertising sign. With this sign you can display your message or logo anywhere to anyone across the city.

This instructable is a response to/improvement/change of: https://www.instructables.com/id/Low-Cost-Illuminated-Signage-for-Todays-Responsibl/

and is made for:
The Make Class
Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

Hopefully this instructable wil be clear. Make sure you check the yellow, higlighted areas I put on the images. They also give important and detailed information.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

# Wooden jar (3 euro)
# Black tape (3 euro)
# Reflecting silver paper (2 euro)
# Regular glue (1 euro)
# Transparent, coloured plastic (2 euro)
# Diffuse paper (2 euro)
# Second glue (2 euro)
# 3V Lithium Batteries (15 eurocent a piece, I used 8 pieces)
# Diffuse LED's (15 eurocent a piece, I used 4 pieces)
# Hooks (1 euro)
# Total costs: 18 euro

All the materials above I myself bought brand new. After finishing this instructable I had left lots of materials. I used only half of the pieces of the silver paper, the coloured plastic, the diffuse paper and the black tape. Most people have regular glue and second glue lying around the house, so in that case it unnecessary to buy this items.

# Scissor
# Pencil
# Utility knife
Jis ou. Jy is obviosly van Suid Afrika as ek kyk na die taal op een van jou fotos. Jou (of julle) instrucatbles lyk nogal goed. Miskien sit ek ook een of ander tyd een op, haha...
ik denk dat hij gewoon uit Nederland komt. het Nederlands is echt bijna hetzelfde als het Zuid-Afrikaans. en ik zie op deze foto Nederlandse wegwijzers :P
No way. don't do this cuz ull get arested because it will distract drivers and there will be trouble.(trust me on this one)
I don't think I will. How will it distract drivers any more than Billboards or other cars' lights?
And thus arose the cult of the "Orange X"...
you'll get most likely get arrested doing this due to air restrictions and such some hillbillies will think that its a UFO!!!!
Oooh . nifty.

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