Portable Bandsaw Stand





Introduction: Portable Bandsaw Stand

I had a big woodworking bandsaw, but it took up too much room and I hardly ever used it so I got rid of it. I needed something more suited for cutting metal, but also something that was fairly small. Metal cutting bandsaws can be very pricey and sometimes quite large. I found the Harbor Freight portable bandsaw on sale ($70 shipped), which would fit the bill nicely. If it was something that I used to make a living, I'd invest in something better, but for the amount that I'll use it, this will be fine. The bad part is that the saw is handheld. That's good for some things, but other things, especially cutting small pieces work better if the saw is mounted vertically. I had an old trailer gate that was made of some thin walled square tubing (???) that would make an excellent stand. 

To accomplish something along the same lines as shown in the video, you'll need a welder, some basic hand tools, a thread cutting tap. a wood saw, and a drill. The video is not a step by step, but more a general overview of how I made mine. Some of these ideas can be used for other brands of bandsaws. 

If you like the video or it gives you some ideas, be sure to vote. Thanks



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    As usual, can't see the video. Nothing but a light gray rectangle.

    PLEASE give the youtube URL in a location separate from whatever "player" WILL NOT RUN.

    Must be an issue with your device. It shows up fine on my phone, my tablet, and my laptop, but I've added the URL to the instructable for you.

    You could cover that table with heavy mica and it would surprisingly adequate.

    Nice job.

    That's not a bad idea. I may do that if I make a bigger table. Thanks.

    The deadman switch is a good idea. I may have to get one.

    Oh where were you when I was making umpteen metal brackets for a shelving project. Great idea. I'd consider a foot switch tho, deadman style. If something goes wrong, step back, it shuts off.